Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Stop Blame Games

I remember that my work is to heal, not hurt.
I choose to look within first to forgive myself.
I learn from what I see and judge to do the work.
I do my work daily with forgiveness in mind.

Stop the Blame Game~

When you blame, you are naming what you gave done.
When you accuse someone, you name what you know within yourself.
What you think you see is your way of identifying what is in you.
When you complain and criticize others, you are teaching yourself what you need to forgive.

Life is a projection screen in which you see yourself.
In another place or time, you have been in a similar position.
If you see it, you must already know it exists within ourselves.
Perhaps it is time we learn to forgive it once and for all.

We will continue to repeat or replicate that which we judge.
We have replayed the same judgment again and again.
Only when we genuinely see to heal it will we undo our judgment.
When we let go with forgiveness, we unhook our negative attachment.

This is our healing and holy work.
Forgive, let go, delete, undo and release.
Understand that we each have our own lessons to learn.
We all have our own paths to follow to forgive and return to love!

We need to forgive and love ourselves first.
We must complete our unfinished business.
We must love our neighbors as ourselves.
We must take impeccable care our our lives.

We are here to learn to respond to all things with good.
We are here to be truly helpful to others.
We are here to be love and receive love .
We are clean up our own thoughts and words and behavior.

We each have much to do as we learn to clean up our own lives.
We must mind our own business first.
When we are clear of all the places we have criticized in others, we find there is not blame.
There is help and support and compassion for others who have their own lives to clean.

All that we project onto others is really our leftover business.
All that we blame and criticize in others, we feel within for ourselves.
All that we seek to change in another is what we are working on with our own lives.
Sometimes we have done the work and sometimes we have denied our own work.

It is awakening to discover that what we see in another is also within ourselves.
My favorite way to recognize what is mine to do is to make a list of judgments and criticisms.
He is …(my judgment()
I am ……(put in the same word as above)  This is how you treat yourself and your life.

When we deny what we can heal, clear, forgive within ourselves, we project them onto others.
We can all learn to cast no stones on others, but rather stop blaming.
We can choose to be truly helpful and set a high example for others.
We can be the change we want to see in our world.

Loving me and you as we let go of fear and learn to love, only love.
Betty Lue