Thursday, September 15, 2016

Do What Is Helpful!

Full Moon is tomorrow, Friday at 12:05 PM.
(Often intensified feelings and energy.)

Do What is Beneficial!

Help people do what is right.
Help people learn better ways.
Help people stop making mistakes.
Help people be present and remember.

The more we are distracted by mistakes, the less we focus on what is right.
The more we fear others’ criticisms, the less enjoyment we have of doing our best.
The more we are defending or hiding from disapproval, the less awareness we have of our good.
Our guilt and fear create more mistakes and unconsciousness and repeated misbehaviors.

Behavior modification works.
Learn to appreciate, encourage and validate behavior you value.
Learn to ignore, forgive, let go of behaviors you devalue.
The more positive or negative attention, the more likelihood of behavior is repeated.

Why not focus on teaching by valuing the behavior that is valuable?
Why not use positive reinforcement for yourself and others?
Why not learn helpful tools to encourage and empower others to do well?
Why not be truly helpful in your teaching and learning of all you encounter?

This requires an undoing of what most people are taught.
Pointing out the mistakes of others is usually learned by school age.
Self esteem and confidence are lowered when judged and criticized and punished.
Self esteem, confidence and high achievement are raised when trusted, valued and given positive attention.

Look for the Good.
Attend to what matters.
Speak kindly with encouragement.
Praise what is good and whole and beneficial.

Positive reinforcement amplifies what is beneficial.
Paying attention to what works encourages more positive behavior for everyone.
Watching how everyone thrives on reassurance, appreciation and positive attention is amazing.
Everyone in the family, workplace, school is energized and inspired with genuine encouragement.

Everyone is benefitted with naturally given encouragement, praise and gratitude.
Both giver and receiver enjoy positive interactions.
When given a complement or praise, everyone feels loved, touched and encouraged.
It is our give to ourselves and others to be appreciative and encourage everyone.

Remember how it feels to be loved, valued, encouraged and supported.
Give your very best to everyone everyday.
Watch your relationships change from inside out.
Do what works!.

What you do matters!
Betty Lue

The only mistake we ever make is when we forget to Love.
Betty Lue