Saturday, September 17, 2016

On Purpose?

I am happy being in the flow with whatever appears to be.
Life is loving me as I am loving life.
What I give, I receive.
Purposeful living is fun, safe and easy.

Living on Purpose?

Are you happy?
Are you enjoying your life?
Do you feel free?
Are you fulfilled?

When you go to bed feeling grateful, you are on purpose.
When you get up each day feeling interested and alive, you are on purpose.
When you spend your time with an easy flow or patience and trust, you are on purpose.
When you needs seem to be easily met, you are living on purpose.

When you need a change, let go and allow the change.
When you feel tired, pause and take a break.
When you desire challenge, open to new opportunities.
When you are ready to expand your learning, reach out and say “YES”.

Life guides us naturally.
Spirit within us lights our way.
Goodness fills us with energy.
Everything is received as gift.

How can we miss living our purpose?
We can get stuck in judgment of what it.
We can be afraid of the changes in direction.
We can avoid or deny what is right before us.
We can use excuses and justifications/
We can wait for approval or someone to go first.
We can be lazy and not want to take a risk.
We can deny our worth and ability.
We can get comfortable being comfortable.
We can get caught in worldly desire.
We can stop pretend we cannot do what is ours to do.

(If you think of any more, let me know!)

The more we see, the wiser we will be.
Be aware of where you are off path.
Notice when you are sick, in pain, complaining, blaming, ignoring, being bored, sad and mad!
These are all signs of being off purpose.

Seek happiness and fulfillment.
Allow yourself the freedom to explore.
What was good before, you may have outgrown.
Expand your territory and your dreams.

Life is to be lived fully and freely gratitude and delight.
And I am open and willing!
Betty Lue

Twelve Daily Steps To Optimistic Living
1. Focus on my successes rather than on my failures.
2. Notice that which I have accomplished rather than that which I’ve left undone.
3. See and acknowledge my beauty rather than focusing on my imperfections.
4. Notice and acknowledge all the times I’ve followed the optimum conditions,rather than judging myself for the times I have not.
5. Acknowledge all my wins each and every day.
6. Create and maintain an environment that nurtures me.
7.  See problems as opportunities to learn from rather than as obstacles to avoid.
8.  Tell the whole truth on a moment to moment basis in order to maintain impeccable and loving relationships.
9. Be conscious every moment to put positive thoughts into my mind rather than negative, knowing all thoughts are creative.
10.  Appreciate my feelings as a means of understanding myself, thus directing and creating my reality.
11. Continue to forgive myself and others as a means of creating a state of Grace.
12. Fill my life with joy and ecstasy by practicing daily the art and skill of verbally expressing my gratitude for all that I have.