Friday, September 16, 2016

Bodies Serve Us in Service!

Every little cell in my body is healthy.
I take impeccable care of my body and my body takes impeccable care of me.
My health serves me in living and giving on purpose.
I honor my life by giving thanks and respect everyday.

Health Is Using the Body with Love.
“Illness is Using the Body Lovelessly.”ACIM

Stop stressing by doing what is harmful.
Start healing by using your body for service. “Serve Us”
Bodies respond to our unconscious desires and use.
Use your body to do what is good for You and Everyone.

We have bodies and minds.
Both bodies and minds are to be used in healthy ways.
They serve us in expressing our positive and healthy purpose.
They respond to our inner peace and happiness.

When we use our bodies in healthy ways, they stay healthy.
When we misuse our bodies they may develop dis- ease or lack of peace.
Lack of peace or distress creates unhealthy habits and addictions.
People use distractions and medications to overcome the signs bodies are in distress.

When we provide our bodies with good food and adequate rest and play,  our bodies thrive.
When we neglect or abused our bodies, we often experience physical, mental and emotional symptoms.
To change a toxic lifestyle is often ignored in place of quick methods of fixing or ameliorating the stress.
When we try to over-ride the obvious physical needs, health may continue to be ignored.

What can you do to know you better?
How can you tell what is good for you?
Do you trust your body to give you the clues?
Are you listening to what you really need?

Everything can work together for Good……if you are paying attention.
Your body, mind, relationships, finances, work, environment matters.
All aspects of your life need constant positive attention.
When any aspect of your life is off track, other parts may need rebalancing.

Moderation is of value.
Balancing all parts of your life is essential to be wholly healthy.
Attending to what is needed is your responsibility.
When you are too busy or distracted to give yourself the best, you will not feel your best.

You are your own healer.
A wholesome good life is your medicine.
Stop deceiving yourself and honor what you know is needed.
When you give yourself the very best, you will notice an immediate positive change.

Love your body and mind and spirit.
Bless your life with what is right and good for you.
Learn that you become more sensitive as you become wiser and more conscious.
Life is your gift, so use it with loving care.

Loving you and me sets us free to fully be.
Betty Lue

Ingest the best and forget the rest.  Take into your body, mind and spirit only that which supports, sustains and inspires the BEST in you.

Life is flow. To move with the flow is healthy. To resist is stressful. Move with the natural inner movement physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually, etc.

To breathe in (inhale) fully life energy, Spirit, Prana, inspiration, is to expand our awareness to open to an enlightened mind.  To exhale fully is to truly release what is no longer needed.

Reaching out with Love and respect for each other opens our bodies and beings to trust in the gentleness we all deserve to experience.

Choose for those thoughts which heal and free you to be unlimited in health and wholeness. Forgive (erase) the beliefs which are limiting or false.

Carry with you an attitude of gratitude and love for yourself and others.  Allow yourself to see all things work together for good.

Moderation in all things will bring your life into harmony.  As we give ourselves what is really best for us, the extremes are gently released.

What you perceive in others and the world you strengthen in your Self.  Focus on illness, disease and weakness and you actually weaken yourself.  See only health and wholeness and you move yourself in the direction you are looking.

To clear out toxins and purify the system requires a willingness to eliminate toxic thoughts, activities, relationships as well as foods from your system.  Flushing the system clean is aided with water, fresh air, gentle movement and forgiveness.

To rest and relax your mind and body are invaluable to being refreshed and revitalized. Each person has unique methods of relaxation - meditation, music, being in nature, focused simple activity.