Sunday, September 18, 2016

Use Your Mind Well!

I delete the negative and toxic material in my mind.
I choose to erase what is not good for me in thoughts, words and behavior.
I relinquish what is not highest and best for me and for others.
I use my mind for inspiring creation, positive thinking and healthy happy feelings.

Mind Over Matter

Some say, “If you don’t mind, it won’t matter.”
Have you actually practiced changing your mind?
Do you know how to undo a negative attitude?
Are you aware of what unhappy thoughts do to your energy?

If you have never actively practiced telling your mind what to think, you won’t understand this.
When you think positive thoughts and believe them, you will immediately feel differently.
When you let your mind think negatively, you will encourage limiting beliefs and unhappy feelings.
When you think negative and feel unhappy, your body will feel tired and eventually unable to function.

Expressing ourselves is a way to discover what we think and believe and how we got the way we are.
Writing, talking and treating others the way we think and feel will give us a picture of what we feel.
Our lives actively project and show us what is going on within us.
We have the option of believing our negative and toxic thoughts and feelings or choosing again.

We have the option always to change our mind.
We can choose to change our languaging and our behavior and our feelings and beliefs.
We can practice one moment at a time to speak, listen and do only what is positive and good.
We can regain control over our circumstances and experiences by training our minds.

If your mind is running wild with limiting thoughts, begin writing it all down.
If you choose to believe the toxic material in your mind, you will feel sick.
If you choose to clear the negatives and throw them away, you will immediately feel better.
Then if you put in positive thoughts in writing and speech, you will begin to feel good.

What goes in will always come out.
Negativity creates more of the same.
Positivity creates more of the same.
If you are full of toxicity, your life will feel sick and tired.

What you feel comes from what you think.
What you think comes from what you have heard and seen and believe.
What you believe keeps recreating itself in what you see and experience.
You attract and magnetize what you think and believe.

It is essential that you fill your mind with what you want to think and feel, believe and see.
It is important that you give yourself a new mind that is positive and creative and inspiring.
It is your vocation to be your best self each day and throw away what is no long valuable.
It is your choice to do what gives you hope and faith, trust and love,  joy and peace.

The only real job is to turn your life over the highest and best you know.
Turn your mind over to what works well for you and others.
Turn your words over to what inspires and enlightens your way.
Turn your behavior over to inner peace and good will for all .

I am willing to turn my mind over to the Highest Good.
Are YOU willing?
Will you join me in clearing negative and limiting thinking?
Loving you, 
Betty Lue

I am loving us all.  
It is love that prevails in all things, large and small.
Above all, let us simply remember to love.
Betty Lue