Friday, August 12, 2016

Grand Children

I extend my best to all, especially our children.
I spend quality time, give encouragement, offer hugs and respectful touch to all children.
I offer inspiring gifts and helpful acts of service to my grandchildren and all I encounter,
I know that every child deserves my best and I feel blessed.

How To Love Grand Children

If you love who they are, they will feel loved.
If you dislike how they behave, they may feel unloved.
If you show them love and respect them, you will have little people who love and respect you.
Children want to be loved and want to learn how to love you.

Children can be “GRAND” when they feel safe and loved.
Children can be “respectful” when feel being respected.
Children can be “helpful” when they see others being helpful.
Children will be happy when they feel safe and know how to love, respect and help others.

Children learn primarily through experiences, not words.
Children copy what they see that works and what doesn’t work.
Children get confused by changing rules, different teachers, and ever-changing punishments and rewards.
Children want to feel safe, happy, loved and valued.

Every child is totally unique.
Every child is curious and open to learn.
Every child responds to words, behaviors and people differently.
As parenting adults, we must be open and willing to love each child in the unique way that works.

When parents, grandparents and caregivers are tired, hungry or frustrated, we don’t respond well.
Our primary focus must be to love, respect and be helpful to ourselves first.
When we have taken impeccable care of us, we can more easily respond with love to others.
We only pick on children, because they do not have the ability to speak up for themselves.

Adults need to recognize that children copy the adults that “bully” them.
Children learn to play victim or Bully-er from the grownup who threaten, demean or shame them.
Adults need to learn how to treat all children with respect and kindness.
We need to learn how to teach and learn, appreciate not criticize and demonstrate the values we want.

Love the children in your care and those you see or interact with.
1.    Some children like positive words of kindness and appreciation.

2.    Some prefer quality time and being listened to and encouraged.

3.    Some children want hugs and affection and gentle interaction.

4.    Some kids really want acts of service and helpfulness.

5.    Some children prefer presents, gifts…even small ones.

 It is important that we observe and listen to what each child needs and wants.
It is valuable to give them our very best and keep our promises.
It is essential that we make no assumptions and do not take their misbehavior personally.
Everything is communicating their love or their need for a loving response.

We are always called to be the most conscious one and teach with our very best words and actions.
Loving us all to create a better world.
Betty Lue

We have grandkids and their friends for about six weeks during the summer.
They spend the mornings at a nearby ranch for horse camp getting ready for Friday night rodeos in our little town of Middletown.
There is a litter of kittens, goats, dogs, ponies and horses all receiving abundant attention and love.
Afternoons are spend playing games, crafts, inspiring movies See on my for links to Mind Movies created by each one and much more fun down at our lake.
This week Lila and friend Eden brought a 5 month old puppy under their care.
All in all there is a lot of fun joking and real discussions about politics, parenting, future plans when they are grown and next summer.
We learn so much from being with them and definitely feeling the Love.