Saturday, August 13, 2016

Proactive, Reactive, Inactive…..or Responsive?

I forgive myself for fear-based reactions and inactive avoidance.
I respond to what is before me with conscious awareness and loving action.
I know the outcome I want and I go for it.
I do what is right and good to creative more good for all3

Are You Proactive, Reactive or Inactive?

Do you notice what is needed and take care of it before problems occur?
When we are highly effective and responsible, we handle issues before they happen.
We notice potential problems and do what is needed ahead of time.
We think in terms of first things first and follow a strategy for success.

Do you see what is happening and then become fearful and defensive?
Are you afraid and avoiding what bad might happen?
Do you become angry and upset when problems occur?
When we react with fear to anything or anyone, we are less effective, flexible, creative and successful.

Do you fear what you see and then avoid, stay comfortable and do nothing?
Fearful people often become lethargic, apathetic and even depressed.
The less you do, the more you hide and become invisible or unavailable.
With fear-based thinking, people may learn to avoid problems by staying quiet, uninvolved and alone.

Are you able to respond with creativity, respect and love to whatever seems to occur?
When we have taken care of our own responsibilities, it seems natural and easy to be helpful.
We need to take good care of ourselves, so we have the resilience and ability to respond to others.
With an ability to respond quickly and easily most issues can be resolved effectively.

Ask yourself:  Are you willing and able to respond with kindness, when there is a need?
Responsive people are not angered or afraid.
They feel confident and capable to handle whatever the need responsibly.
They take full responsibility for doing what is needed and easily apologize for mistakes.

Ask yourself: Do you behave in a reactive way, lose your patience or get upset easily?
Reactive people are easily angered, afraid or defensive because they do not know what to do.
They may feel inept, confused and sometime abusive or abused.
When fearful, people are often unable to behave responsibly.

When people feel confident and capable of responding to their world, they become more creative.
When people are awake and aware of the needs around them, they tend to become more proactive.
When people feel creative and competent, they tend to do more to have a better life.
When people are able to take responsible care of themselves and their own lives, they are happier, healthier and more productive and fulfilled.

Live well and Love well.
Betty Lue