Thursday, August 11, 2016

Responsible for my Choices

I choose to have a good life everyday.
I choose to use my words and actions to create more happiness.
I choose to create a life which is good and getting better.
I am free to choose how I spend each day.

Summertime Choices

Is it hot and volatile or warm and fun?
How do you do your days?
Are you creating them?
Or are you tolerating what you get?

As I sit at my computer, I have a choice.
I can listen for the world around me, wildfires and earthquake 10 miles away.
Or I can see the greenery and the calm lake thru the window and hear the birds.
Or I can be with you and share the love shining through the words write.

I have the choice to be present with the Love in me or be attracted by what I see.
I can hear my inner voice of gratitude and peace or listen to cartoon sounds or workman outside.
I can pay attention to what I want to see and hear and feel so it becomes real for me.
How much do we allow our body senses direct our focus, reaction and response.

I choose what I prefer.
I can be directed by gratitude or grief.
I can be seduced by pleasure or pain.
I can be a creator of my reality or a victim of circumstances.

What shall it be?
Am I the world I see?
It appears I am either be at effect or cause of what seems to be.
I can watch outer drama and trauma or enjoy inner peace and harmony.

Be at choice.
Learn how to create your reality by what you think (imagine), say and do and see.
Take the opportunity to change the channel of your mind.
Choose summer time to do what you love…..even a few minutes today.
Choose this moment to think about what pleases you and brings a little happiness.

When too hot, choose to cool down.
Remember getting wet under the sprinkler or take a shower with your clothes on.
When too anxious, choose to find and create more peace.
Breathe slow and deep through your nose, take a nap or enjoy a really fun book or movie.

When busy with kids home from school, take a few precious moments to say or do something kind.
Each person in your life deserves a little something special.
When you are driving here and there for errands and/or work, use the time to imagine something good.
When you are going to bed, breathe deep with gratitude for the day and events gone by.

Your life depends on your choices.
You are literally choosing whether to laugh or cry.
Your health depends on the choices you make to be happy or mad.
Your relationships depend on your choice to give a little special kindness to each one……Smile!!

And I make the choice everyday to listen and write these Loving Reminders for YOU>
Loving you, 
Betty Lue