Friday, August 05, 2016

Good for You?

I Love myself and care respectfully for my mind, body and spirit.
I choose a healthy lifestyle and habits.
I think clearly about how I use my time, money and energy.
I learn more everyday and choose the highest and best way for me.

Do You Know What Is Good for You?

Recently I am finding that we may not know what is good for us?
It seems that seizures may be caused by too much screen time.
Is it possible that what seems like harmless video gaming may cause seizures.
Can it be that the technology we love may not be healthy for many?

If you have a hint something is wrong with you or a child, investigate.
If you are uncertain about unusual experiences waking or sleeping, look at your environment.
If you feel strange or sensations, look at the food you eat or where you are living or working.
Consider all the unnatural or over used activities or foods you engage in.

While it may seem we are living a healthy lifestyle, we can be sensitive to foods.
We may think it harmless to sit in front of a monitor or ipad, but may we are not helping our brain.
We can become allergic or perfume, cleaning products or foods we have indulged in for many years.
We can experience signs and symptoms from what others consider healthy and harmless.

As we grow older, we may become more sensitive.
As we experience more, we may develop symptoms.
As we pay more attention, we may notice more strange signs.
We are responsible for our physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.

Experts may not know.
Others may not notice.
Often we simply medicate.
We add rather than eliminate.

Start by letting go of what your intuition may tell you.
Simplify what you do and what you eat and how you spend your time.
Consider that you are sensitive.
Imagine that your body, mind and emotions may be trying to tell you.

Give life an opportunity to show you what is causing fatigue or memory loss.
Use the internet to ask what it could be.
Explore alternative healing that seeks answers, rather than diagnosing the malady.
Create your own time and food log to see what you eat and what you do.

Look for patterns.
The body is a barometer.
Sometime the body is a lie detector.
There is pain or problem when something is not the best choice for you.

Addictions can either be the source of problems or the way we think we are solving problems.
Lately I am seeing serious unexplained problems because people are doing too much of something.
Remember you body and mind are sensitive.
You need to be self aware.

It is too easy to take a pill rather than change your lifestyle.
Your life is precious.
Undo what is no longer good for you and see what good you can do.
Responding to you and your needs with sensitivity and respect is key.

Take impeccable care of you.
It will benefit you, your family, your work and community….and me.
Blessings of great Love,
Betty Lue