Saturday, August 06, 2016

Don’t Push!

I allow life’s flow to show me what is best for me.
I set my course, willing to work and trust what comes my way.
I respond to all things with Loving kindness and trust.
I know my life is a work in progress, as I learn from everything and everyone.

Don’t Push the River.

Learn to be Patient.
Go with the flow.
Life moves as it does.
We can relax and trust.

All things work together for Good.
We can conceive, believe and achieve.
The Universe does what it does.
When we allow, allow, allow, we can be at peace.

Kids and adults learn to try to be first.
People are taught the early bird gets the word.
The aggressive folks believe they must push to be first.
If being first is the objective, be fast and first.

Some want to enjoy the journey.
Some want to experience the rush of adrenalin.
Some want to show off.
Some want to do all they can with limited time, energy and money.

If you want peace, trust in the flow.
Let go and let God and Good be.
Trust in the highest Good for all.
Learn from everything and everyone.

If you want the ecstasy of victory and agony of defeat, push your limits.
If you want the adventure of breaking through boundaries, step out of the box.
The challenges in life often provide motivation and inspiration for many.
Consider what are your priorities in life and follow your heart.

Many prefer to watch from the sidelines and comfort of home.
When we stay still and simply watch and listen, we may go to sleep.
When we accept because we are lazy or afraid, we may become weak.
When you assess your life, are you satisfied and happy?

To live your life fully, learn to listen to your heart, your inner Spirit.
Give your attention and intention to what has heart and meaning for you.
Plan each day to do what it is that you feel is Good for you.
Live on purpose, following inner guidance, and life will be fun, safe and easy.

Trust each one of us to do what brings us happiness and peace.
Let go of judging you know what is best for others and live the best for you.
BE open and willing to change course if it is no longer right for you.
Let life show you the best direction for you to learn and live what you want.

Trust in your life and allow it to be good for you. 
Betty Lue