Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Sleep Well

I rest well and increase my rest by loving.
I take impeccable care of myself to be my best for others.
I quickly learn what is best for me and undo unhealthy ways.
I know my quiet and calm mind comes from a well-rested  lifestyle.

Rest Well and Restore Yourself.

We are a sleep-deprived society.
Even our children do not sleep well or enough.
We have difficulty functioning at our best.
Deep rest and natural sleep are essential to be our best.

Natural sleep is laying down and sleeping without interruption when tired.
Natural sleep is waking up without alarms, when sleep is done.
Natural sleep is done preferably in a quiet safe clean environment.
Natural sleep means going to bed without crying or upset or worry.

Most children and toddlers require about 11-13 hrs a day of good sleep.
Most teens require 8-10 hrs.
Most Adults require 7-9 Hrs sleep.
Naps may be included.

Adults often interfere with children’s natural sleep and create the problems they resent.

Some symptoms of lack of sleep in children teens and adults.
• Overly emotional (explosive temper tantrums, easily hurt feelings, no patience)
• Difficult to wake in the morning
• Difficulty concentrating or focusing during play and work.
• Taking long, or excessive naps
• Hyperactivity
• Defiant or contrary behavior
• Difficulty falling asleep (overtired)
• Falling asleep as soon as they hit the pillow (sleep should take about 20 minutes for a healthy sleeper)
• Increased  or diminished appetite
• Accident prone, or clumsy, uncoordinated.
• Excessive talking (more questions than normal or frenzied conversation) or withdrawal, no talking.

Everyone responds to sleep deprivation differently.
Children often get hyperactive and busy without enough sleep.
Adults often get lethargic and depressed.
Enough natural sleep is essential for optimum performance, good health and weight, emotional control.

Some Sleep suggestions for you and your family.
Consistent sleep  and rest hours everyday.
Calming environment at least one hour before bed time.
Self soothing behavior encouraged. (Warm bath, reading, calming music, no talk of problems before bed.
Bedroom clean and orderly with no reminders of technology addiction, homework, physical activity.
Never get overly tired, since cortisol flows and will be difficult to calm down.
At least 20 minutes allowed to settle down for sleep.
Eliminate stimulating food and beverages with 6-8 hrs of bedtime.
Explore changing daily schedule to fit with balanced lifestyle.

Everyone needs enough sleep, fresh air and sunshine, physical activity, meaningful relationships, productive work and enjoyment to be healthy physically, mentally, emotionally.
Begin today to change your own ways to bring health to yourself and everyone in your family.
Take the time to share your suggestions after you better your own habits to set a good example.
Listen to what others need and want to be helpful and offer suggestions.

Loving us all with reminders for self care to be our best!.
Betty Lue

We sleep 7-8 hrs at night in a quiet bedroom, designed solely for rest.
We take a 20-30 minute power nap mid afternoon everyday.
There is no technology in our room, no TV, cell phone or computer.
Our bedroom is used solely for quiet rest and deep sleep.
We go there to relax in a beautiful comfortable peaceful environment.
And therefore our mind/body do just that!