Monday, April 11, 2016

Learn from Everything and Everyone

I can only understand another through what they share with me.
I forgive myself for assuming I know what I think I know.
I open my mind and my heart to learn from you about you and what you know.
I am blessed to learn from everyone because it allows me to see and love more expansively.

What Are You Learning?

When are you open to learn?
Do you think you know it all?
How do you learn best?
What are you learning each day?

Every person has much to teach.
Every situation is inviting us to learn.
Every upset is awakening us to learn.
Every encounter is teaching us to be open.

How can we fail to learn?
What shuts us down?
Are we opinionated to protect ourselves.
Are we afraid to open our hearts and mind?

Learning can be fun, safe and easy.
When we are open-minded, we begin to see things differently.
When we understand there are many different perspectives, we allow new ways.
When we have been taught to fear, we close our mind and our heart to what is different.

We are always learning.  
Learning requires being willing to know.
Learning invites to curiosity without judgment or fear.
Learning is an invitation to see with your heart.

“This is where you are and you see things differently.
This is what you want and I want something different.
This is what seems to be true for you and something else is true for me.
Can we learn from one another to see, want and have something different? “

How are we the same, but still have different ideas, desires and choices?
How can we agree to have different view points?
How can be benefit from our individual perspectives?
How can we see a bigger picture and grow from an expanded picture?”
It is a blessing to be unafraid of learning more.
It is healing to learn from others experiences and beliefs.
It is powerful to clear all fear and grow in our capacity to be enriched by differences.
It brings peace to every mind when we learn to respect and value our uniqueness.

I see you and listen to you.
I learn from you and how you see things.
I honor your uniqueness.
I no longer assume I really know until you share with me what you know.
Even then, I realize I interpret through my window of experience.

I open myself to learn and allow Love, Trust and Freedom to fill my life.
Betty Lue