Wednesday, April 20, 2016


I am rich in what really matters.
There is always a great sufficiency.
I celebrate the true prosperity that is mine.
I contribute to the Good of all with all the Good I share.

True Prosperity Is A State of Mind.

Can you imagine what a prosperous life feels like?
Do you feel what an impoverished life feels like?
Can you feel the difference?
This difference in “feeling” reveals what you want.

I have had very little in money and things, but always rich in Love and Joy.
Fulfillment comes from knowing there is enough.
Some can have great wealth and all material things, but feel unloved and unhappy.
When we are filled with gratitude and generosity and the joy of sharing, we are fulfilled.

Consider what you would need to feel prosperous.
Consider what you could do to feel fulfilled.
Consider how you can change your mind.
Consider when you will know you are enough.

I recommend redefining your definition of true prosperity.
I suggest caring for what you have with gratitude.
I invite you to look again at what is “sufficient” for you to enjoy.
I encourage you to see what is depleting your attitude of gratitude.

Everyone has their own lessons to learn and false beliefs to undo.
Everyone must use what they have to open the way for what is needed.
Everyone as their path to true prosperity  to be willing to give to others.
Everyone needs to begin with abundance mentality and feeling fulfilled.

There is enough and continues to be enough.
Learning to trust is key to remedy the feelings of lack.
Undoing the fear of never having enough is essential.
Stop the game of focusing on what is missing.

Begin to fill your mind with how much you have.
Show yourself how much is given and received.
Clarify all you do for yourself and others.
Celebrate the great goodness and abundance in life.

Give more.
Appreciate more.
Share more.
Enjoy more.
Create more.
Love more.
Laugh more.

Great riches lie in the simplicity of all good things.
Life is a gift in which we can fill ourselves with true prosperity.
Relinquish all draining and depleting activities , words and imaginings.
Be filled with Gratitude for the Goodness in You.

I am loving you, with you and for you.
Betty Lue