Tuesday, April 19, 2016


We are partners in this school of life.
I honor and respect Who You Are.
I trust you know I will always be here for you and with you.
We are together in thought, word and deed, teaching and learning with one another.
Are You A Good Partner?

If you want a good relationship, give your best in all your relationships.
If you want a fair partnership, be the one who is fair.
If you want more quality time, positive words, helpful service or anything, be willing to give it.
If you are complaining, know you are draining your relationship.

The time is now to be what you want to be, to do and to have.
It takes very little extra to create a lot more.
Life requires us to contribute our fair share.
Remember relationships require both people giving their best.

Complaining and criticizing, threatening and demanding, arguing and withholding is not helpful.
People seem to stop doing their best when relationships are not working.
Parents seem to stop listening when children are not listening to them.
Partners seem to stop giving their fair share when their partners are not giving.

Taking away seems to be common when something goes wrong.
Taking away love eliminates real relating.
Taking away help empties the relationship.
Taking away appreciation will exhaust any relationship.

The most effective way of changing behavior is rewarding the positive and ignoring the negative.
The most helpful way to teach respect and cooperation is to be respectful and cooperative.
Improving the language and tone in a household comes from you eliminating your own loud crude words.
Teaching responsibility can only come from being ultimately and consistently responsible.

You can expect others to do better only if you they see you do better.
You can create partnerships with friends, children, parents, roommates, co workers, if you are willing.
You can lead others to better ways of relating, if you are honest with yourself and your leadership.
You can practice principles of respect, responsibility and cooperation and all will learn and benefit.

Soften your tone of voice.
Eliminate all anger and upset.
Speak with wisdom and kindness.
Be helpful when asked.

Stop telling or demanding.
Start asking with please and thanks.
Smile with your requests.
Take time to be helpful and generosity.

Children, partners and co workers want your validation.
People love to be treated with respect as though honored guests.
Taking the time to listen and acknowledge what is said is essential.
Learning to see through the unhappy behavior, you will always see the call for Love.

Everyone wants to be respected and valued. Begin by respecting and valuing yourself.
I respect and value YOU!
Betty Lue

Helpful Reminders for All!
Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz
Take Nothing Personally.
Make No Assumptions.
Keep Your Promises.
Always Give Your Best.