Thursday, April 21, 2016

Are You Enjoying Life?

Life is good and getting better.
I live the good life everyday.
I fully and freely appreciate the life I have.                                                   
I celebrate all the Good I have and the Good I share.

Are You Really Living the ‘Good Life’?

If you have not known someone who is really living abundantly, you may not know how.
Are you smiling today?  A lot of smiles easily shared?
Are you laughing today?  Many times with great joy?
Are you singing today? Humming or listening to music?

Are you really enjoying life today?
Are you saying thanks to everyone, just for the joy of it?
Are you breathing fully and freely  and feeling the fresh air?
Are you helping someone in easy natural ways?

Have you cleaned up after yourself?
Kitchen clean and bed made?
Have you made you living space beautiful?
Order and harmony in your home?

Are you cleaning your own mind?
Forgiving and relinquishing grievances and complaints?
Are you undoing your fears and choosing to trust with love?
Walking and talking with confidence and certainty>

Are you contributing what you have to those around you?
Giving to appreciate and expand the Good everywhere?
Are you creating more aliveness with creativity and beauty?
Celebrating others Good works of service, healing and inspiration?

This is the Good life made real in everyday life.
You are the One bringing more Good into your world.
You are the purveyor of opportunities and inspiration.
When we each are living the Good Life our ownway, all will be benefitted.

We are here to create Goodness from the wellspring of Good within.
We only know Good when we appreciate Who We Are and What we have.
We realize the Good when we value all we have given and received.
We feel abundant in our Good when we share the wealth of Love and Gratitude we feel.

 To make the Good real, we must consciously value it all.
To live in the reality of Good, we need to express our appreciation.
To enjoy the Good Life, we can daily give “Thanks” and feel grateful.
To share the Good Life, we must live, model and inspire the Good Life for All.

Life is meant to be constant learning, growth and self actualization.
Life calls us to constantly  release doubt, denial and depreciation.
We are here to claim the gifts of vision, forgiveness, choice and awakening we are given.
Our birthright is the Natural Peace, Joy and Love which is ours.

This is Good, Very Good.
The more you say it, the more you will believe it.
The more you believe it the more you will see it.
The more you appreciate it, the more you will increase it.

Blessings on our Good Life,
Betty Lue