Monday, April 18, 2016

Miracles Happen!

I Am a miracle of Love and Goodness.
I easily relinquish my learned fear and judgment.
I surrender to simply forgive and love again.
I see, feel and know the miracle of a new life.

Stop Doubting.   Miracles Happen!

Do you doubt?
Do you question?
Do you deny?
Do you fear?

Miracles happen when we trust.
Miracles show up when we believe.
Miracles are received when we accept.
Miracles are natural when we love.

Everything that comes from Love is a miracle. (ACIM)
When you know only Love, you will see only Love.
When you give only Love, you will receive only Love.
Love is our natural state and peace is our inheritance.

You are created by Love as the expression of Love for the purpose of Loving.
When you “know” this is your truth, you recognize your holy and healing purpose.
When you live in a state of Love, life is filled with joy and inner peace.
Yes, you will see the call for remembering love in every unloving word and deed.

Life is a constant reminder of your choice to respond to all things with Love.
When you realize that Love and Faith and Truth are natural, you will share them freely.
The miracle of loving is in receiving and giving the Love and Truth we seek to remember.
While many are taught to doubt and fear,  we all are called is to return to Love and Trust.

Arguments dissolve when we return to love.
Fear disappears when we remember to trust.
Pain is resolved when we trust in our wholeness.
Love is letting go of fear and doubt.

Imagine we all remember to Trust in Love.
Imagine we return to being innocent and without fear.
Imagine we no longer need to protect or defend, threaten or fight.
Imagine we come together happy with ourselves and one another.

We can begin today to think of these things.
We can start with ourselves by clearing our fear.
We can share our faith in one another.
We can choose to relinquish all attack and open to Love.

These are the miracles that come from love.
This is the life of peace that comes from trust.
This is the way we learn to relinquish all grievances.
This is our natural state when we remember to forgive.

I trust in the Love within all of us.
May we be gentle with ourselves and others.
May we give no reason for distrust or doubt.
May we live in Love and kindness for all.
Betty Lue