Sunday, April 17, 2016

Being Happy!

I choose a life of happiness and love.
I am willing to be happy, because it feels good.
I feel healthy and abundant and confident when I am happy.
I use happiness as my guide to right action.

Do You Know How to Be Happy?

Happiness is natural.
Unhappiness is a wakeup call.
Happiness shows us how to Love.
Unhappiness tells us we are off purpose.

When we remember to Love, we are Happy!
Happiness heals.
Happiness opens our eyes to see things differently.
Happiness brings health to our bodies.
Happiness makes others happy too.
Happiness brings us love.
Happiness gives us prosperity.
Happiness begets more happiness.
Happiness creates vitality.
Happiness is fun, safe and easy.

How to be happy:
·      Eliminate unhappy habits of mind.
·      Release criticism and blame.
·      Stop feeling regret and guilt.
·      Give up negative thinking, words and behavior.
·      Undo what brings you unhappiness.
·      Choose what is right and good for you.
·      Forgive painful past memories.
·      Don’t tell unhappy stories.
·      Let go of denying yourself positive experiences.
·      Start having fun.
·      Be happy with everyone.
·      Give compliments everyday.
·      Appreciate yourself regularly.
·      Look for the good in everyone.
·      Find always something inspiring to share.
·      Demonstrate all the ways you care.
·      Dare to contribute to positive causes.
·      Be helpful and hopeful with others.
·      Show you are happy with smiles and laughter.
·      Look for good news to share.

Being happy is much more fun than being unhappy.
Why not try it for a day?
See it you agree with me.

Loving you happily and abundantly,
Betty Lue