Friday, April 22, 2016

Let Go!

I ingest the best and release the rest.
I easily and naturally undo what is not true for me.
Letting go is fun, safe and easy for me.
I forgive the past and live in the present.

Let Go!

Let go and see what Good will come.
Let go of what is petty and small.
Let go of what is meaningless.
Let go of what doesn’t really matter.

Let go of old stories and grievances.
Let go of hurtful habits and addictions.
Let go of giving little and expecting much.
Let go of building fences and being offensive.

Let go of getting stuck in the muck.
Let go of looking behind while trying to move forward.
Let go of changing your mind on a selfish whim.
Let go of not asking for what you want.

Let go of distrust and self doubt.
Let go of not looking and listening deeper.
Let go of judging without seeing what needs forgiveness and love.
Let go of not allowing goodness and mercy to lead your life.

You can see what will set you free, if you Love.
You can find how to change your mind, when you dare.
You will understand what is in your way, if you care.
It is time to step away from what binds your to pain and misery.

Even a moment of imagining will be enough.
Even a quiet place will show you how.
Even a deep breath can give you the courage.
Even just living in the here and now will be so good for you.

Look around you and see what has bound you to what you do not want or need.
Look within you to recognize what memories you have kept that have kept you stuck.
Look at where you find your own prison walls keeping you trapped.
Simply take a look, forgive yourself and choose again.

Life is our invitation to be free and see what is right and good for us.
Let go and you will be amazed at how much you will see.
Let go and allow all Good and only Good to be given and receive.
Let Go and trust that you have the right for a happy and fulfilling life.

Loving you in your Letting Go.
Betty Lue