Friday, April 08, 2016

Anger Is Not Beneficial

I easily release negative emotions in private with no harm to myself or others.
Letting go is fun, safe and easy, when I learn to do no harm.
It is never beneficial to dump toxic thoughts, words or behavior on others.
I clear fear and judgment and learn to share kindness and understanding.

Anger Is Not Helpful!

Anger is energy under pressure.
Anger shows up in many forms.
Anger burns, hurts and scare us.
Anger is destructive and harmful.

Most people think anger is natural and necessary.
Many people use their anger to threaten and demand.
Some use angry thoughts and feelings to motivate themselves into action
Anger is learned from others who know not what to do and feel inept and helpless.

Consider whether anger has helped you or hurt you.
Has your anger benefitted your relationships or destroyed them?
Does anger burn and cause harm and pain or help and comfort you?
Have you been encouraged to get angry and stay angry or calm anger and awaken you to better ways?

Energy is meant to be used for creative and beneficial purposes.
When we bottle up our energy or misdirect it, it may become toxic and explosive.
When we are irrational in our thinking, we cannot be expansive and expressive with our energy.
When we let the energy build without appropriate focus, it be harmful to us and to others.

Learn to stop and get control of your destructive energy.
Learn to immediately step away from the volatile circumstances.
Learn to breathe and calm the energies.
Learn to wait and think clearly.

Some need to expel or dump some of the excess toxic material first.
Use exercise or working, breathing, sweating, until in control or exhausted.
Learn to always stay away from toxic people or situations until you are clear and conscious.
Volatility is not helpful to any situation in which any party may be inflamed with anger.

There can be an addictive quality to the adrenalin rush.
People seek out opportunities to lash our in anger to release their own toxic build up.
When people do not use their life energy appropriately, they can easily build up frustration.
What you look for as opportunities to start fires, can become a habit, obsession or addiction.

When calm, ask yourself how anger is of value to you.
When clear headed, ask whether you think better or are blinded by anger.
When sane and sensible, see if anger creates closeness or separation.
When being honest with yourself, do you find anger brings you help or sends people away?

You will quickly learn that anger gets you nothing that you really want.
Being quick to anger makes life more difficult, dangerous and desperate.
Learn to dispel your excess energy in helpful, creative and conscious ways.
Give yourself a anger break and learn to stop fires.

Letting go of fear clears all anger and opens the way to Love.
Betty Lue

Nothing  good comes from acting  when angry or upset.
When upset or angry about anything.
Calm yourself before you act or speak.
    Breathe deeply, fully and freely.
    Step away.
    Leave the situation until you are calm.

Nothing  good comes from acting  when angry or upset.
This is a life lesson in learning to wait until your inner emotional storm has passed.
Only when you are calm and clear can you make effective decisions.