Thursday, April 07, 2016

Why Care?

All caring cares for me.
I choose to care with listening, compassion, respect and kindness.
I grow in my ability to respond with genuine Love when I care.
I let go of need and greed when I dare to care.

Why Do We Dare to Care?

When we care about one another, we know we will be cared for.
When we dare to care, we begin to see how we are all in this together.
When we understand we are one family of humanity, we see how every act of kindness benefits all.
When we experience the feeling of genuine caring, we understand it is our natural state.

Many grow up without anyone really caring.
They learn to not really care about anyone.
Some experience being used and manipulated to be cared for.
They often grow up using and manipulating others.

Some grow up with someone special caring for them.
They seek someone special to care about.
A few grow up with caring from everyone in their family.
They seek to care for everyone.

It is our choice to learn how to care.
It is our choice to forgive ourselves for not caring.
It is our choice to forgive those who seem not to care.
It is our choice to care no matter what others choose.

We are all here together to remember how to love one another.
We are here not to take care of each others, but learn how to care in healthy responsible ways
We are here to treat everyone with respect and teach everyone to first care for themselves.
We are here to expect, encourage and demonstrate how to most conscientiously care.

Caring requires first caring for ourselves.
Caring requires not martyring or sacrificing, but giving with gratitude to others.
Caring invites us to see one another as capable and loveable.
Caring with true empathy asks for us to not expect reciprocation but offer unconditional caring.

It is our natural state to care unless  we feel separate and fearful.
It is natural to experience empathy or connection with others and their dilemmas.
It is innate to belong to those who are caring toward us.
We can feel the caring connection with those who are open to giving and receiving their care.

When we “over-care” we may feel resentful.
When we withhold caring we may feel guilty.
When we genuinely give to others as we give to ourselves, we feel whole.
When we care about another without denying ourselves, we feel blessed and happy.

When we are fearful about giving away too much or losing ourselves, life can seem draining
When we know there is an infinite supply within us, we give to find ourselves and see the gift of Self.
Life is filled with the blessings of true caring and sharing when we remember to give.
Life is blessed with caring for people, environment, animals and life itself.

Living life fully is daring to care.
Betty Lue