Saturday, February 27, 2016

Feel Your Ideal!

I feel Love flowing in me.
All I give is given to myself.
What I seek is Who I AM.
The happier I feel, the more is see a happy world.

Feel What You Want to Feel

Imagine what the way you want to live.
Imagine what you want to give.
Imagine how you want to be.
Imagine what you want to see.

Movies  & TV can help us get into the feeling of what we desire.
When we desire what is beautiful, healing and kind, it gives us a new mind.
What we see and feel, we can make real.
By visioning what we want to see and feel we can make it real.

When we imagine what is ugly, chaotic, hurtful and unkind, it closes our mind.
We begin to experience within us what we do not desire.
When we are seeing and feeling what is toxic, we close ourselves to something more.
What we imagine and reimagine, what we talk about and retell, we keep experiencing.

When we are tired of being sick and tired, we can choose again.
When we are re-injuring ourselves with the reliving what is sick, we can choose again.
When we give up on thinking about the past pain, we can begin again and again.
Our thoughts recreate the feelings and we relive what we have experienced before.

When we change our minds, we change our thinking.
When we change our thinking, we claim the feelings associated.
When we want to feel something new, we must think something new.
Life is an eternally changing and recreating circle for us to choose our desire.

What do you want to feel?
How do you want to live?
What do you desire to give?
What do you really desire to be, do and have?

There is little mystery when you understand, you are choosing what you want to be.
Are you willing to choose happiness?
Are you open to imagining what you want to feel?
Are you ready to make your desires real?

It may seem backwards when you are “externally referring.”
You may believe you need to have before you can be happy.
In truth, when you understand, it all begins in you, you realize you must be energized with happiness.
In truth, you must realize what you want to feel in you and you will see what you want to see is real.

Look for love and joy and peace within you!!
Loving you, 
Betty Lue

“You have to feel the way you want to live. In other words, you’ve got to be happy even in the absence of what you want. And in time, what you desire will come.”  Abraham

There is no difficulty that enough love will not conquer;
No disease that enough love will not heal;
No door that enough love will not open;
No gulf that enough love will not bridge;
No wall that enough love will not throw down;
No sin that enough love will not redeem.

 It makes no difference
  how deeply seated may be the trouble,
How hopeless the outlook,
How muddled the tangle,
How great the mistake.
A sufficient realization of love will dissolve it all.

 If only you could love enough, you would be the happiest
and most powerful being in the world.

Emmet Fox