Sunday, February 28, 2016


I know there is a place in me where only Love abides.
I know the Truth is me is the Love I AM
I trust in the Guidance within that comes from All Love, All Presence and All Power.
I am certain I am here to awaken and remember Who and Whose I AM.

Is There Uncertainty in You?

Latest research shows our uncertainty is plaguing our culture with mental and physical illness.
Times seem more uncertain now than in decades.
People, young and old, are uncertain about our future economically and ecologically.
Disease, addiction, divorce, unemployment, violence and prejudice seem all around us.

Media is in our midst using toxic and terrifying information to cause deep uncertainty and fear.
We are fascinated as we listen to the harmful weather patterns, global problems and crude debates.
What is our world coming to?
Our children are growing us with the certainty of  “uncertainty”.

Where there is uncertainty, there is panic, fear,  paranoia and pain.
When there is no one to talk to and no one at home ready to listen, we feel alone.
When there is pressure and distress, we are left uncertain.
When we do not know whom to trust or what to believe, people collapse into anxiety and illness.

Uncertainty can be fostered by those who are fearful.
Panic can be contagious when we leave it unattended.
Paranoia can be the result of sensationalism and “town gossips”.
Certainty will be regained when we learn to heal the fear and learn to trust.

Let us watch good news.
Let us share stories of love and goodness.
Let us be present for one another with compassion.
Let us find something within we know we can trust.

Questions can lead to greater curiosity and knowing.
Research can foster a desire to find what is real and true.
Willingness to accept different viewpoints can create more acceptance.
Curiosity can expand our vision of our amazing and beneficial cycle of life.

We can choose to find a place of certainty.
We can choose to believe in what we desire.
We can choose to offer love to the fearful.
We can choose to expand our message of hope.

Uncertainty is always a call for “certainty”.
Change will be a stable point in our physical world.
The big picture will show us life is a circle always returning to a new dawn and rebirth.
During times of uncertainty and unknown, we must remember what is certain within.

Trust in your own Goodness.
Believe in the Power of Love.
Choose to align with what is for the Good of all.
Remember Love and Return to Wholeness and Holiness.

Find one point of certainty in your life.
Find the place you count on now and forever.
Find what you depend on when you look inside.
Find what brings you hope and faith and Love.
Loving you, 
Betty Lue