Monday, January 11, 2016


I love, trust and respect myself and others.
I easily apologize and forgive my misbehaviors.
I undo disrespectful language and behavior.
I choose kind and positive self talk.

(Root meaning of “respect” is “to look again, deeper”)

Respect Yourself and Others

Do you demonstrate your respect for yourself?
Do you listen beneath the surface personality?
Do you honor your own needs and wants?
Are you helpful or harmful to yourself?

Often people ask for respect from others, but neglect their own self respect.
Often people neglect to respect others, because they have never known respect.
Often society has demeaned others, not understanding they are disrespecting themselves.
Treating others as you want to be treated is respectful.

What if you don’t know what it is or how to respect yourself?
Start by learning to treat your body in healthy ways.
Feed yourself with life-giving beneficial foods and drink.
Breathe clean air and fresh water.
Use your body to do good work and live well.

Start ingesting the best and forgetting the rest.
Listen and watch what is good for you.
Take in thoughts, feelings and beliefs that are life-giving.
Turn off the people, experiences and media that are harmful, unkind and negative.
Feed your mind with what inspires and expands your consciousness, wisdom and creativity.

Clear past toxins, toxic thoughts and feelings,  from your body, mind and relationships.
Learn to forgive and choose again for what is helpful and healthy.
Give yourself peace with music, meditation, time in nature.
Write down what inspires and uplifts you.
Use Affirmations and Forgiveness to keep you on track.

When you make errors, learn to forgive yourself .
Apologize and make amends quickly and easily.
Stop malingering and make correct all unhealthy habits.
Respect yourself enough to give you're the very best you know.
When you don’t know any better, research and learn a better way.

Self  respect teaches you how to to respect others.
When you respect your whole self and your life, you will give yourself a clean home and work space.
When you respect yourself you will clean up after yourself and not leave messes.
When you respect yourself, you will learn to talk kindly to yourself and eliminate self-cruelty.

When you respect yourself, you will quickly and easily respect others.
When you give yourself, your best, you will give others your best.
Step up and take care of yourself as thought you love yourself.
Everyday take care of others as though you love them.

There is no time to wait.
Begin today and tomorrow and everyday.
Thank you for changing our world as you change your own life.
Betty Lue

Life can be fun, safe and easy when we are happy, healthy and inspired.
I will be creating a new way of emailing my daily and weekly loving reminders.
Thank you for your help in remembering the Love within You.
Betty Lue