Sunday, January 10, 2016

Your Focus for the Year

I focus on what is beneficial to all.
I easily relinquish all negative and harmful thoughts, words and behaviors.
I change my mind to what is good and experience a good life.
I choose wisely and well, quickly and easily.

Choose Your Focus

What is the most important quality you need to focus on?
Are you going to let another year go by without actively learning what you need?
Are you willing to allow another day to go by with correcting your conscious mistakes?
Are you open to letting go of what distracts, delays and disappoints you?

How long will you wait to do what you know you need to do?
How difficult is it to make amends to yourself and others?
How much will you suffer before you do something?
You are responsible to forgive and heal, to learn and grow and return to Love.

When we make up our mind, our universe supports our choice.
When we desire to change, everything inspires us to change.
When we wake up to our responsibility, we begin to be willing and able to respond with Love.
When we affirm our highest truth, we remember and realize what is essential and True.

Honesty and Integrity come from living the Highest Truth we know.
When we neglect what we already know, we are denying ourselves.
When we forsake what is given us, we are rejecting our natural abundance.
When we receive the intrinsic wisdom, abundance, healing and love within, our lives Work!

Do you pay attention to where you allow your mind to go?
Do you waste time in confusion and trying to decide?
Do you fail to follow through on your choices?
Do you simply allow others to distract you from your desired focus?

The world we have created and allowed has become our guide.
The media we watch now seems to be our central focus.
The gossip with friends, the things we think about are now our focus.
When we give our attention, our thoughts and words, time and money, we create even more.

Ask yourself what you want to experience more.
Be honest about what brings you peace and joy.
Clarify what matters to you and make a difference.
Be responsible for everything you think, say and do.

Life gives us continually opportunities to choose again.
We can see what we have is what we have created.
How do we really let go of what we no longer want.
When will we change the channel and change our mind?

Turn off the TV and listen to you and what you want.
Set down your phone and listen to your children.
Stop feeding the stories that scare and worry you.
Be willing to give up  a focus on gossip and media.

You can choose a focus on caring and sharing, loving and laughter.
You can create a life of simplicity and peace.
You can focus on all the Good and have even more Good daily.
You can give yourself and those around you always the best you have 24/7!

Your life will transform with a change in your focus.
Trust me, a Good life is simply a matter of changing where you give your time, money and energy.
Loving you in doing what is truly right and good for you.
Betty Lue

May you be happy.
May you be safe.
May you be strong.
May you live with ease.
May you love yourself well.