Tuesday, December 01, 2015

What Shall It Be?

I am here to be true to the Love within me.
I am responsible for listening within to my way home.
I choose the fun, safe and easy way to live.
I am free to forgive and choose again and again.

What Shall It Be Today?

What shall I do today?
Where shall I go today?
To whom shall I speak?
What shall I say?

Can I honestly say I want to give only love?
Am I willing to go where I am guided?
Shall I speak to everyone I encounter in a kind way?
How shall I speak with love, respect and trust?

“This is the day the Good within me shall make.
I will be glad and rejoice in it.”
If I want only Good, I will share only Good.
If I do not know what I want, I may allow less than Good to be.

Changing my mind does change my life.
I can choose how I want to think and speak and interact.
I will choose what is Good for me with all those I encounter.
I will give the Love I have and Am as a Loving Reminder.

Goodness lives and moves and has its being within me.
Love lives through me as me in all I do and see.
I can be whatever I choose, since I am master of my destiny.
Let us begin to take full responsibility for what we share and experience.

I am free.
Free to live with open-mindedness and trust.
I am free to go and do and be as I choose.
Whatever I do and Wherever I go, I am free.

I write this for you and for me.
I know because I am.
I am because I choose to be.
And so it is, I am free.

Life invites me to play and create.
Life encourages me to invite others to play and create.
Life shows me what is fun, safe and easy for me.
Life gives me infinite opportunity to change my mind.

How can it be we get stuck?
How can we get lost?
How do we make the choice so complicated?
I care so I can choose again and again.

For me “fun, safe and easy” is my guide.
Being happy and at peace is my way.
When I forget or neglect, I am in the dark.
I choose to follow what is light and shines through me.

May you choose what is right and true for you.
May you follow the light within you.
May you live with love at your center.
May you enjoy the life you have chosen.

Loving us all in our freedom to choose!
Betty Lue