Wednesday, December 30, 2015

This Time in Life!

I am free to be me, the Me I am meant to be.
I love being alive with creativity, joy and appreciation.
I am open-minded and willing to transform my life.
I see and know who I AM and I love being Me.

This Time in Life!
( See the Self Discovery Process Below!)

There is a time in life when each one of us must stop and do an inventory of our lives.
New Year’s or birthdays can be just that time to ask, “What do I really want?”
We can stop even for just an hour to give ourselves open time to imagine and vision.
Even better we can go away from the world and listen inside to our heartsong.

What sings in you?
What do you long for?
How can you be really happy?
What is it and where is it that calls to you?

We may learn to deny ourselves what we really want.
We feel stuck or limited by others demands and our duties.
We feel responsible for what we have created and insist on being stuck.
Being willing to love ourselves is the beginning of honoring what is ours to do and be.

To be inspired is not about things or being rich or famous making us happy.
To be enthused and truly fulfilled is about living life our way.
For some it is simple and serene and for others it may be full and diverse.
Each one of us has a unique calling.

Tune into your true Self.
Ask within what you value.
Always write the answer,
Ponder and envision how it feels to be fully You!

We may copy what others do.
We may try to be what others want.
We may wish we could be something else.
The real question is: Who Are You Really?

When we resonate with a song, a poem  or story, we may see and feel our true Self.
When we feel free and fully happy, we may have a real experience of our Truth.
When we are most energized, creative and empowered, we may be having an awakening.
Life tends to cloak us in what is not really ours to be and do and have.

Stop and examine your Self and your lifestylye, your friends and experiences.
What sets you free?
What reminds you of you?
What inspires you to be your best Self?

When you are loving being You, the Real You, you will know your true path and purpose.
Live life following your Inner Spirit and you will be free to fully be You, unlimited and at peace.
What we came to be is not what we have learned or earned.
What we came into being to be is a life that is fun, safe and easy, because it is our True Reality.

Loving you Being You!!
Betty Lue

Why am I here?

What is my unique contribution?

What is my Primary Critical Success Factor? (The attribute/skill most contributing to success.)

What is my Primary Limiting Factor? (The attribute or skill that most holds me back.)

Values Clarification

____  Achievement
____  Beauty
____  Community
____  Control
____  Cooperation
____  Creativity
____  Education
____  Enjoyment
____  Environment
____  Excellence
____  Faith
____  Family
____  Fitness/Exercise
____  Freedom
____  Fulfillment
____  Happiness
____  Harmony
____  Health/Healing
____  Independence
____  Knowledge
____  Life Purpose
____  Loving
____  Marriage
____  Mastery
____  Money
____  Partnership
____  Pleasure
____  Recognition
____  Recreation
____  Security
____  Self-Image
____  Service
____  Spirituality
____  Travel
____  Truth/Honesty
____  Wealth

Virtue        = defining core values and not compromising on them.
Integrity    = how strongly and clearly you adhere to your values.
Zero-Based Thinking (evaluating the relative value of any object, activity, relationship):
“Knowing what I know now, would I begin / do / acquire this now?