Monday, December 21, 2015

The Gift You Bring

I openly share the love and delight within me.
I live freely sharing the gifts I have.
Life is the experience of realizing the gifts within me.
Everything I give returns to me abundantly.

Winter Solstice at 8:48PM PST

 Your Life Is A Gift!

You are the Gift.
Are you aware of the gift you are?
Have you seen beneath the wrapping paper?
Can you look within at the miracle of life?

Seek Your True Self.
Be willing to find the vitality within you.
Look for the joy and enthusiasm.
Clear the fear and resistance to being You.

Have you seen the light within?
Do you realize the warmth of your caring?
Do you see the light within you eyes.
Do your feel the warmth of your love?

Look for a safe place to let your light and love show.
Feel what it means to really let go with tears of joy.
Notice how good it feels to love and be loved.
Take time to soak up the beauty within and around you.

Life is amazing when you care.
You light up inside and out when you share.
Give your kindness and your gratitude.
Share your wisdom and  your hope.

Be willing to give to those who would receive from you.
Be open to receive from those who would give to you.
Be prepared for the burst of energy from the realization of love.
Be grateful for the opportunity to join in the Light as you delight in it All.

Life is truly our gift.
We can see it.
We can feel it.
We can share it.

This is truly the remembrance of Christmas.
The Light of Love within us is to be celebrated.
Love and delight in Who You Are.
Remember how much Goodness you have to share.

I do delight in you, because I know Who You Are.
Betty Lue