Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Power in You!

I love with trust in what is.
I love with freedom to choose.
I love others with freedom and trust in their choices.
I forgive myself for ever forgetting the power of love.

Have You Given Away Your Power?

Are you living your life your way?
Do you say what you mean?
Do you mean what you say?
Have your shared your truth?

Does anyone really know Who You Are?
Do you pretend to be the same as others?
Are you willing to be as different as you feel?
Do you try to be what you are not?

Seems like we tend to stay in the shadows and hide from ourselves.
When you speak up, do you listen to what you say?
Are you open to being wrong about How Powerful You Are?
What I mean is,Do you realize how important You Are?”

It seems like we sleep through life to not cause waves.
Seems like we go along with others to get along with them.
Seems like we dumb ourselves down and be quiet.
Seems like we would rather play it safe rather be awake.

I awaken to myself to live the Truth I know.
I am willing to listen within rather than to the world I hear.
I honor the truth in me to live in love naturally.
I respect the One I am given to be, choosing to be true to me.

We need not change others to be true to ourselves.
We need not get approval or joining to honor our truth.
We need not rearrange everything to respect our own way.
We need not withdraw or attack to live in integrity.

My truth and inner guidance are mine.
Your truth and guidance are yours.
You are here to follow your own path.
I am here to trust and free my own.

With respect for differences, we allow everyone to have their own way.
This is how we best learn.
Life is trusting the call of Love within us.
When we live our own purpose and path, we are joyful and fulfilled.

Love is Trust.
Love is Freedom.
Love is our Power.
Love is our Joy.

When we forget to Love ourselves, we forsake our Trust & Freedom, our Power and Joy.
The time of the greatest dark (Winter Solstice) is also the beginning of increasing Light.
Now is the time to awaken to our own unique Voice and Purpose and Path.
We can forgive ourselves for being distracted and distrustful and choose again.

We are the One we have been waiting for.
We can listen within and follow our heart.
We can trust in Love to lead the way.
We can choose to accept the Power of Love.

“Wake up. Wake up you sleepy head.
Get up. Get up. Get out of bed.
Cheer up. Cheer up. The sun is red.
Live. Love. Laugh and be Happy.”

“When I’m feelin blue, then I’m walkin through fields of flowers.
Tears may glisten, but still I’ll listen for hours and hours.

I’m just a kid again.
Doin what I did again.
Singin this song. 
When the red red robin comes bob, bob bobbin along.”
(One of my favorite songs to remember the Joy of being Love!)

And so it is, we remember the Power of Goodness and Love is within us all.
Loving you, 
True B’Lue