Sunday, December 20, 2015

The Best Gifts for No Money!

I freely give all I have to others.
Giving is a gift to me.
I am grateful for everything I receive and all that I gift.
Caring is my most real way of sharing.

The Real Santa Within!

Some folks feel sad for what they don't have.
Some wish they could give more.
Some have understood Santa to need to buy gifts.
Some just don’t give or forgive.

I grew up learning that everyone who gives is “Santa”.
I understood “Giving” is how we give to others daily.
I believe that “Santa” lives forever within everyone.
When we forget to “Give” with Joy, we forsake ourselves.

Giving requires no money.
Giving costs us nothing.
Giving fills us with joy and love.
Giving reminds us of how much we have.

What Can You Give?
* Small change to the Bell ringer at the grocery store.
* A smile or “Merry Christmas “to a stranger.
* Singing or humming along with carols.
* Wearing happy clothing to cheer up others.
* Playing a card or board game with grandchildren.
* Sending caring note to someone shut in.
* A visit to a nursing home or hospital.
* Inviting someone over for a meal or cup of tea.
* Making cookies for your neighbors.
* Reading to someone while they fall asleep.
* Create a coupon book of hugs and simple services.
* Offer to babysit for someone so they can take a nap or have a break.
* Clean up a mess in someone’s home.
* Share your dinner with a single person or someone who doesn’t cook.
* Call once a week, someone who needs to know they are remembered.
* Give a ride to someone who cannot drive.
* Give away clothes and shoes you don’t wear for the homeless.
* Give away unused food to a food bank.
* Help cook or serve at a local church or organization.
* Just walk around your neighborhood and enjoy the lights.
* Bless each one who walks by.
* Say a prayer for everyone who needs one.
* Be a happy guest.
* Be a grateful receiver of gifts to you.

Do you understand?
All that we give is a gift to ourselves.
You are a gift to your world.
So keep on giving.

I give my love to You, because I Am Love and So Are YOU!
Betty Lue