Wednesday, November 11, 2015


The more I appreciate, the more I have to appreciate.
I forgive myself for complaining and choose to always be grateful.
I remember to say “thank you” for all the Good in my life.
Gratitude expands my awareness of all I am thankful for.


Show gratitude for those who serve you everyday.
Be aware of those who have your back.
Be mindful in all the ways you are served, loved, protected and provided for .
Make “thank you” a habit to inspire everyone to help one another.

Have you thought how little we actually appreciate those who serve us?
Are you aware of all the ways you are protected and provided for?
Do you complain about what you don’t have and neglect all you do have/
Are you someone who takes for granted everyone who helps you live everyday?

Do you appreciate the service men and women for safeguarding our country?
Do you make sure their families are taken care of with housing, education and health care?
Do you remember to give thanks when you pay your taxes and bills every month.
Do you value the police, firemen, emergency workers, volunteers, physicians, nurses, health  providers?

Are you able to be aware and grateful for all the institutions that give us the good life we have?
Do you acknowledge those who created the laws and safety regulations?
Are you aware of what you do to take care of your own family and your neighbors?
Is it possible that we have been so spoiled that we spend our energy complaining and asking for more?

I realize that there are so many unseen heroes, helpers and everyday workers we often forget.
I see our society getting into the mode of always whining for more rather than valuing what we have.
I wonder what would happen if we praised rather than criticized.
I am open to all of us shifting to believing and seeing, caring and sharing all the good we receive.

Our work for one another is an amazing gift of helpfulness.
With an appreciative attitude, even more gifts will be given.
With thankfulness, we will expand our capacity to give and receive.
With praise for our children, neighbors, servicemen and women, we will are enjoy helping.

There is an unlimited supply of Good within everyone of us.
If neglected, rejected or exploited, the supply may diminish.
If respected, praised and encouraged with inspiration the supply will expand exponentially.
Life is always recreating itself  in a positive way when we value what we experience.

Perhaps it is time we take stock of our own ways of believing and seeing.
See the good and Goodness expands.
See with criticism and we cannot see or receive what is Good for us.
The habit of appreciating will grow Goodness in our selves and our families, our communities and nation.

Take a moment to breathe and appreciate what you have, seen and unseen.
Be someone who says and shows and acts with gratitude and respect to everyone.
Contribute to the greater Good by valuing the Goodness in others around you.
Be aware of how blesses we really are to have and do and be here now.

Creating the Good I see, because I believe and appreciate the Good.
It makes me happy to be openly grateful.
Betty Lue