Saturday, June 20, 2015

On Track?

Success comes from being happy:  I choose happiness.
Health comes from being peaceful: I choose peace.
Love comes from sharing happiness and peace.
I choose to be happy and content with myself and my life.

What Do You Really Want?

What is most important in your life?
See the list at the bottom and prioritize.
Are you living your life on purpose for you?
Do you let go or correct what is not working?
Are you free enough to actualize your ideals?

When we are contradicting ourselves, we lose our influence.
When we pretend to agree, we lose our credibility.
When we neglect to keep our agreements, we lose our confidence.
When we deny ourselves what we really want, we lose our power.

How important is it that we live our own Truth?
How valuable is it that we listen to our inner guide?.
How effective is it to try to be what others want?
How honest is it to fake what we really want to do or be?

Everyday in every way, we must remember to honor ourselves.
Everyday in the words we say, we must choose to be honest with ourselves.
Everyday in the life we live, we must allow ourselves to change our minds.
Everyday in the choices we make, we must choose to do that is right and good.

It is our integrity that brings us success.
When we are not living our truth, all else fails.
When we are not respecting our selves.  we are not happy.
When we are not listening within, we forget Who We Are.

Write down what you really want.
Go back and write down the reasons you think you are not living what you want.
Begin to clear, forgive, undo and delete the excuses, explanations and justifications.
Seek the self sabotage, false beliefs and self made limitations.

As you clear the obstacles in your thoughts, seek the inner truth.
What is it I really want?
How can I most easily make choices I value?
What can I do to effectively move in the right direction for me?
How do I set myself free to be who I am?
What fears can I clear to trust myself more?

Write down your answers and let go.
Keep listening and writing until you clear all excuses.

You primary work is to be in truth with yourself.
Your real joy and job is to live in integrity.
Your life purpose is to live happy and at peace.
You path is to clear away all obstacles to happiness and peace.

I am loving and affirming your happiness and peace with every Loving Reminder!
Betty Lue