Friday, June 19, 2015

Calm Down!

I breathe freely and easily to energize and calm myself.
I allow all things to be as they are.
Love, freedom and trust come from letting go of fear.
I am a peaceful and calming presence in all my relationship.

Calm Down!

When the body get overly irritated and stimulated, it may shut down.
When emotions get overly upset, they may shut down the body and mind.
When relationships get overly emotional, they may shut down each other.
When there is too much of anything, it will create an antidote to bring balance.

Literally, we can make ourselves sick by over doing anything.
Too much food, too much pain, too much excitement.
Over exhaustion, over expenditures, over aggression, over anything.
When we find a way to live in moderation, we have found health.

When humans are at peace, they are healing and healthy naturally.
It is not natural to be too much fearful, angry, upset, grieving or suffering.
Everything wants to be in balance and flowing naturally.
We must learn to master our energies and return to peace and wholeness.

Begin to learn ways to bring balance to your life.
·  Adapt a positive attitude to live simply and relate harmoniously.
·  Pay attention to the way you think, and speak and behave.
·  Notice how to calm and soothe yourself.
·  Realize the value of some healthy routine.
·  Learn to flow around obstacles and irritants.
·  Stop pushing against resistance.
·  Start looking for the safe, fun and easy ways.
·  Enjoy what you have and stop demanding more.
·  Allow what it to be exactly as it is to see what really is.
·  Spend time with yourself in your environment.
·  Modify what you see and hear and taste and smell.
·  Eliminate upsets, arguments, demands and threats.
·  Change your mind about what offends you.
·  Be the one who offers help rather than criticism.
·  Ensure your life is in impeccable condition before you advise others.
·  Keep confidences rather than gossiping or telling stories.
·  Let go of drama both in your own mind and in relating to others.
·  Bring peace to everyone including yourself.

Let’s just calm down and bring healing to our world.
“It is all OK” will help us find the path that is fun, safe and easy.

I love us all as we calm ourselves and return to Love, Trust and Freedom.
Betty Lue