Thursday, June 18, 2015

Nothing Works!

When Nothing Works!

What do you do when nothing works?
What do you do when there is no agreement?
What do you do when you just cannot do it right?
What do you do when you are angry, frustrated, irritated or annoyed?

When you try to figure out what is wrong, does it help?
When you move around all the obstacles, does it flow?
When you call for an expert opinion, do you get it?
When you explain, justify or just keep talking, do you get agreement?

Most people keep pushing.
Some even just agree to disagree.
Some quit while they are ahead.
Some just give up.

Mercury in retrograde shows up as interruption, interference, misunderstanding and mistakes.
Hurting, anger, pain and fear often show up as nothing will create agreement (just like a 2 yr. old).
When you cannot figure it out, upset just shuts down the creative problem-solving mind.
When we are wasting energy on negative emotion, it is time to stop and calm ourselves.

Some people try until they hurt themselves physically or emotionally.
Some people blame, criticize and hurt others with their words.
Some people act out childish emotions of frustration with destructive actions or words.
Some people cry, feel foolish and crazy, until they rest and eat and come back into balance.

Whatever you do that works for you, do it again.
Whatever you say to yourself that helps, do it again.
Whatever you think to open the pathway to inspired thought, do it again.
Our best mode of handling the frustrations of relationships and stuff is to first find peace within.

When you experience nothing works, consider these possibilities:
   Stop and breathe (even sigh).
   Take a break and go do something else or sit down and read or take a nap.
   Come back to whatever isn’t working with a new attitude.
   Ask for inner guidance with the intention to know and do it.
   Let it all go and trust it is right to simply allow.
   Ask for an open flow.
   Forgive any swearing, judgment, criticism of self and others and choose to trust.
   All things work together for Good, even though I do not understand.
   Laugh and release stressful energy.
   Ask for creative solutions from those who may have better ideas.

Take care of yourself and your whole life.
Only you know what works for you.
Love yourself well.
Betty Lue