Friday, May 15, 2015


I am inspired by the quality of my life and my relationships.
I inspire myself by thinking positive thoughts and using affirming words.
I keep myself motivated by putting my inspiring thoughts into positive action.
I maintain an inspired consciousness by choosing to give myself and others the Best.

Inspire Your Self

How do you inspire yourself?
What do you think, say and do to be inspired?
How do you relate to Spiritual insight?
Are you aware of what gives you life energy?

Often people live an ordinary life in ordinary ways.
They find a routine or path which seems comfortable and safe
They live like others in their town or home or workplace.
They believe that what they have is what is ok for them.

Some people think winning the lottery will make a difference.
Some think a psychic or advisor can help them find a better way.
Some hope the right partner or job will make all the difference.
Some never hope, wish, pray  or believe they can have anything more.

Wherever we find ourselves, we can make a change.
Whatever we are doing, we can do something different.
However we see our depression, grief, regret or stuckness, we can be inspired.
Inspiration and motivation are the key to make a positive change.

1) Let go of the past.
Exhale and forgive.
Write out what you choose to release and throw it away.
Forgive yourself and relinquish all that is not Good for you.

When full of stories and stuff, self pity and sorrow, there is no room for something better.
Many methods to letting go are available, but there is always consistent WORK involved.
Open the way for something new and doable for you and by you to DO.
Be willing to start again with a fresh vision and renewed inspiration.

2) Be Open and willing for what is Highest and Best for you.
Take time to stop and breathe.
Listen to your inner voice and write it down.
Keep a journal of all the thoughts, ideas and possibilities that inspire you.

Spend time every early morning to be inspired with reading, imagining, affirming, praying.
Be mindful of what inspired you in others and what you read, imagine and hear about.
Pay attention to what makes your heart sing and gives you renewed energy.
Turn toward the light and delight and away from the darkness and what depresses and discourages.

3) Think, Say and Do what is Good for You.
Consciously and consistently choose to spend time, money and resources on what inspires for you.
Reframe your choices to always feel supported by you and what you choose to do everyday.
Motivate yourself by always doing the right thing for the right reasons.

We have work to do to be inspired and to inspire others.
Loving us for motivating and inspiring ourselves and others.
Betty Lue