Saturday, May 16, 2015


I am always in the right place at the right time, doing the right think for the right reason.
I trust and free myself to choose what is best for me.
I love living with joy in my heart and gratitude in my mind.
The only mistake we ever make is when we forget to LOVE,

What Is Right?

What is right for you?
How do you tell?
Are you making your own decisions?
Who and What is Influencing you?

To decide anything well, you must know yourself.
To choose what is best for you, you must clear the fear.
To be wise in your decisions, you must believe in yourself.
To know what is Good for YOU, you must forgive, trust and freedom yourself. 

Life offers us choices in everything.
We can stay or go.
We can be free or stuck.
We can laugh or cry.

We are the ultimate chooser.
Everything we do is a choice.
How and what we eat is a choice.
How we spend our money is a choice.
To work or not is a choice.
To be dependent or independent is a choice.
How and with Whom we spend our time is a choice.
Even not choosing is a choice.

People tend to blame and criticize others for telling them what to choose.
However, even this is a choice.
Being thankful or being judgmental is a choice.
Playing victim or sovereign in our own decision-making is a choice.

What causes people to hesitate and procrastinate in making choices?
We think, consider, compare, judge, evaluate and often deceive ourselves.
Rather than trust our natural instincts or intuition, we are afraid to make mistakes.
We have learned to base our choices on what is safe and will not yield disapproval.

When we have freed ourselves and allow our inner voice to lead us, we simply trust.
We trust in what brings us joy and peace.
We trust in what seems right and fair.
We trust in freedom to authentically be.

Life gives us the opportunity with every breath, word and deed to choose our own direction.
When we choose what we have been taught by society, media, teachers and parents, we feel safe.
When we follow the “normal” way of living to get along, we lose our own right to choose our way.
When we free ourselves to be, we learn to trust whatever choices we make and learn from it all.

Loving my life full of freedom and trust,
Betty Lue