Sunday, May 03, 2015


I give thanks everyday for everything.
When I forget to be grateful, I forgive my self.
Everyday in everyway, my life is better and better.
With gratitude, life always improves.

Full Moon today at 8:42pm PST May 3, 2015
Festival of Wesak May 1-3, 2015

Full Moon time is known as a time of harvest and gratitude.
May is often seen to be a time of prosperity and celebration.
Whatever the significance to you, make it good.
For what you believe with intention, you will achieve.

Make gratitude a habit.
Use it liberally.
Watch how your attitude changes.
See the Goodness in life expand.

When we use our mind for Goodness sake, we experience more Goodness.
When we focus our thoughts on appreciation, we have more to appreciate.
When we allow our consciousness to be on what works, everything works better.
When we pay attention and give thanks to what benefits us, life is truly prosperous.

The work is to let go of what is depleting.
The work is to forgive past disappointments.
The work is to erase negative words.
The work is to return to our natural state of gratitude.

Three tools to develop and practice consistently are Forgiveness, Choice and Gratitude.
Forgive what interferes with giving thanks.
Choose what you want to appreciate.
Be grateful for the lessons and the learning, the planting and the harvest.

Life is insistent on our learning.
Everything that comes to us is teaching.
What we receive from life is a lesson and a gift.
What we return to life is our choice to receive more awakening.

Meaningful Questions:
What do I appreciate about myself?
What do I really value in my life?
How do I show my appreciation?
How can I have more gratitude daily?
What can I learn from the life I have right now?
What can I have more of what I really want?

Learn to ask meaningful questions of yourself.
Be willing to be quiet and listen within for the answers.
Be sure to write down everything you hear and know within you.
Trust what you hear that is clear and respond with gratitude.
Most important, practice what you feel guided to do and be with love.

Whatever is kind and loving is good.
Whatever is true and beneficial is valuable.
Whatever blesses everyone benefits you.
Give thanks that you are knowing and growing with gratitude.

Give thanks for the lessons in gratitude,
Betty Lue