Saturday, May 02, 2015

Every Child Matters

Every child matters to me.
I value, respect all people .
I teach my children well by giving what I want to receive.
I listen and learn, give and receive, all good and only good from children.

Children Matter

What happens if we don’t teach our children well?
What happens if we don’t have healthy families?
What happens if we don’t set a positive example?
What happens if no one really cares about one another?

We learn our values in our family unit.
Our parents are our primary role models.
We learn how to talk, work, relate and live in our home.
We observe what our families, siblings and elders say and do.

Yes, our children are watching us.
They feel the energy of love and fear.
They want to see and know how to live.
They are longing to know how to live and love and have and give.

Let us teach our children well.
Let us create healthy relationships.
Let us be positive, happy, wise and confident.
Let us care deeply and consistently about one another.

What do our children say about us.
They don’t like the yelling and the fighting.
They don’t understand the drinking and drugs.
They fear how hard it is to find a job and have money.

Children escape into music and video.
Children feel bored with meaningless conversation.
Children want to be listened to and respected.
Children long for a peaceful and happy world.

We are all responsible.
We can create a more healthy and happy world.
We can recognize what is dysfunction and change it.
We can undo the false beliefs and limiting patterns of speck and behavior.

Whether we parent, grandparent, or just think about children, we can begin the change.
Instead of judging children and youth, we can help them grow healthy and happy.
We can provide meaningful opportunities to learn and create, to live, love and give.
We can take a few extra minutes to listen and learn from them what is needed.

What can you do right where you are to be a healthy loving example?
What can you share with the children in your life?
How can you listen with a heart open wide?
Are you listening to you and those around you?

Loving the children, every one.
Betty Lue

My 10 year old granddaughter, Lila started a blanket and book campaign for homeless children .
She was asked to give a speech last week to the parents and 2nd graders at her elementary school.
It was a lot of stuff for her Mom to handle with her, but thank you Mom for helping and being proud.
Thank you Lila and Hilarie and all who listen and help our children have and be and do Good!

When kids ask, I listen. 
When kids want support, I contribute.
When kids, need to know. I answer or help them look up the answers.
We are all teachers and we are all learners from one another.