Monday, May 04, 2015

Wake Up

I am awake, aware and enthusiastic about my life.
I wake up and greet each day with curiosity and wonder.
I am alive and alert for all the good there is in me and around me.
Life works for me, because I do the Work.

Time to Wake Up!

Every upset is a “wake up” call.
Every accident is meant to wake us up.
Unexpected changes are “wake ups”.
We are here to awaken to how life works.

If your life is not working, it is time to wake up.
If you are depending on someone else to fix your life, time to wake up.
If you are blaming others for what goes wrong, it is time to wake up.
If you feel lazy and just want to sleep through life, definitely choose to wake up.

A life done well is a full time job.
Life requires that you show up daily.
Life requires that you pay attention to everything.
Life requires that you tell yourself your own truth.
Life requires that you get clear about what you choose.
Life requires that you certain about what you want.
Life requires that you be consistent within yourself.

You don’t have to be present to have a life, but it helps to have a good life.
You don’t have to pay attention or be clear and certain, but it is required for learning.
You don’t have to be dependable and reliable and responsible, but necessary for trust.
You don’t have to have a good life of learning to trust yourself, but is essential for success.

Some want to stay in bed and hide in our dreams.
Some want others to wake them up at the last minute.
Some simply depend on others to take care of everything.
Some are too afraid of making mistakes, so play it safe.

Life teaches us when we are awake.
Life rewards us when we are willing.
Life pleases us when we stop to enjoy it.
Life celebrates us when we appreciate our lives.

When we are willing to wake up, the slightest whisper is heard.
When we love to be awake, we seek adventure, challenges and novelty.
When we learn from our whole lives, we learn from everyone and everything.
When we utilize our imagination and action, we can create good no matter what.

Loving us all as we wakeup with a smile,
Betty Lue

Spiritual Tips for Abundant Living
1.           Honor and Respect your Self.

2.           Do what you love and love what you do.

3.           Appreciate what you have.

4.           Stop complaining, wishing, fantasizing.

5.           Clarify what ego wants and what Spirit wants.

6.           Recognize the difference between temporal pleasures and eternal treasures.

7.           Spend less than you earn.

8.           Notice that you always have more than enough to share.
9.           Expect life to work for you and your happiness.

10.         Your Spirit-directed choices never require explanation, justification or convincing.

11.         Get clear on your real priorities (health, travel, service, retirement, etc.) Set aside the money needed and live on what’s left.

12.         Give your Self and others only what is for the Highest Good (useful, valuable & inspiring).