Friday, May 01, 2015


I know myself because I listen and learn.
I love myself because I listen and care.
I search my own wisdom and beliefs as I listen and write.
I ask myself meaningful questions and receive amazing answers.


Do you ask meaningful questions of yourself?
Do you listen to the answers you would give?
Do you take the time to be with you?
Are you aware of the dynamic wisdom within your essential Self?

Some seek advice from experts.
Some look for answers within books.
Some do research on the internet and library.
Some consult with trusted friends.

Do you take the time to really listen and respond to your own questions?
What if all the answers for you lie within?
What if your learned self doubts and fears have deluded your inner knowing?
What if we all have our own natural wisdom and spiritual guidance within us?

Who are you really?
Where are you in your life?
What do you do?
Where are you going?

Suggestions for you to get acquainted with You:
Develop the “Be still and Know” Habit.
Create a specific time to sit quietly without interruption.
Same place and same time helps to be willing.
First time in the morning or last time at night work best.
Bring a journal or pad of paper and favorite pen/pencil.
Ask you question by writing it at the top of the page.
Breathe and write whatever comes,
Thoughts, images, sounds, anything that shows up write it down.
Let go of thinking about what you write.
No need to be Right, just listen within and write.
With this practice, some may be jigbberish and some true wisdom.
No need to try to censor or edit as you write.

Everything has meaning when you want to see and know.
Everything has value for you to discover you, when you care.
Everything is gift, when we are open to be gifted.
Take time to listen and write for you to get to know you.

When you feel complete with answering your own question, stop and give thanks.
When you are at peace, trust and let go.
When you are open and willing, read what you have answered.
With no judgment, safety and trust, you will hear, learn and write more each day.

If you want to be heard, listen to yourself and write it all down!

Loving you, 
Betty Lue