Friday, April 17, 2015

Support You!

I support myself with Gratitude, Freedom and Trust.
What is best for me is best for others.
I support myself so I can fully and freely support others.
I trust myself to be, do and have the best support I know.

How Do You Support Yourself?

Do you support yourself everyday?
Do you take care of your basic needs?
Do you encourage and reassure yourself/
Do you consciously always do what is good for you?

Sometimes you neglect yourself and don’t understand why you feel neglected.
Sometimes you criticize yourself and don’t understand why others criticize you.
Sometimes you deny yourself and don’t understand why others deny you.
Sometimes you do not like or love you and are upset because you don’t feel loved.

First support yourself.
Whatever you believe you are missing, give it to yourself..
Whatever you feel is lacking in your life, make time to create more.
What you long to experience, sis what you need to offer.
What you criticize and complain about is yours to forgive and do better.

If you want support, give support.
If you want thanks, give thanks.
If you want encouragement, give encouragement.
If you want love and appreciation, give love and appreciation.

What we seek is what we believe is lacking in our world.
If you see a need fill it.
If you believe something is missing, it is yours to fill.
What you see is what you believe.

When you change your mind, your life changes.
When you give what is yours to give, you receive the gift.
When you appreciate what is unnoticed, you will fill the void.
When you are faithful to what is important to you, you will experience trust.

Life shows us our part with every criticism and unmet need.
Life gives us a grand view of what we can do, because we see it.
Life allows us to feel what is important to us with unhappy emotions.
Our only mistake is that we leave it up to others.

We are responsible for being our own primary support team.
We are here to change our thoughts, words and interaction with others.
We are called to support rather than take things for granted.
We are assigned our part with the unmet needs we recognize.

When we support what we see is needed, we begin to believe we can make the change.
When we know that we are not alone, we start to feel there is a way to support one another.
When we take impeccable care of our mind, our body and Spirit, we see what is possible.
When we are inspired to give ourselves the best, we can give our best to others.

What is best for you is best for others.
Now is the time to give our support to one and all, including ourselves.

Supporting myself with the highest and best thoughts, words and activities I know.
Thank you for supporting you with the Best you know.
Betty Lue