Thursday, April 16, 2015


I give support with my attention, respect and appreciation.
I value everything I receive everyday.
I give special notice to those giving support and helpfulness to others.
I realize “Everyone Helps Everyone.”

Who Is Your Support Team?

Everyone needs support.
We are not here alone.
We are in this together.
We are here to support and encourage one another.

When we help another, we do not feel alone.
When we support each other, we all benefit.
When we value supporting rather than competing, we are benefitted.
When we recognize the support we have, we feel blessed.

It is important to see who supports us.
It is essential to value the support.
Support that is valued increases.
Support that is ignored decreases.

In most relationships, the appreciation dwindles over time.
In many relationships, people take for granted what is given.
Often in life, people neglect their support team.
When neglected or ignored, support decreases.

Are you noticing?
Do you show up for your Support Team?
Does anyone notice how you support them?
Are we aware of the support we have and give in our world?

Basic support comes from so many avenues, we may not notice.
Farmers, truck drivers, grocers and clerks, repair people, health providers.
Firemen, police, armed services, manufacturers, media folks, technicians.
Writers, artists, entertainers, musicians, moms and dads, grandparents.

Everyone is playing a part in the whole of our lives.
Very few are appreciated on a daily basis.
Are you able and willing to wakeup and value your support?
Are you conscious enough to say thank you and a positive prayer?

Some of us remember to thank the new supporters and those we just met.
Some remember to appreciate their children, partner and friends.
Few fully support the unseen supporters who provide the essentials.
Rarely do folks acknowledge their teachers, mentors and original providers.

You will find your support team is everywhere, with everyone you know.
Some support may be clearly beneficial.
Some may be those who challenged or criticized.
Some may be those who stood by you in difficult times.

Take stock of how much support you receive in your world.
When you feel lacking, begin to reach our and support others.
The more you give support to others, the more you open to receive support.
The more you acknowledge what you have, the more you have to give.

Life supports us in living.
Love supports us in loving.
Encouraging supports us in encouraging.
Giving support us in giving.

Thank you, Dear One, for your support.
I am here always supporting you with the best I have.

Betty Lue