Saturday, January 03, 2015

Your Life Is Your Real Work!

Life is good and getting better.
What is best for me is best for others.
Life works when I do my work.
I bless the work I do and my work blesses me.
You are your own boss.
You manage your own time.
You give your own reviews.
You are your own disciplinarian.

Everyday you are paid.
Everyday you do the work you want.
Everyday you set your own outcomes.
You set your own hours.

You provide your own health coverage.
You offer your own insurance.
You invest in what matters to you.
You create your own retirement plan.

Wherever you go, there is work to be done.
Whatever you do, there is work for you.
However you live, there is work in living well.
Whomever you meet, there is work in relating.

Choose the work you are here to do.
Go to work with a good attitude in mind.
Conscientiously contribute your best work.
Honor your agreements you have mindfully made.

It is work to remember to be kind.
It is work to be grateful for what you have.
It is work to forgive your mistakes and others.
It is work to clean up after yourself.

It is work to keep your affairs in order.
It is work to think positive thoughts.
It is work to eliminate drama in thoughts and words.
It is work to get up and do something productive daily.

It is work to stop spending time and money on meaninglessness.
It is work to stop feeding your fear and judgments.
It is work to step away from worldly negativity.
It is work to use your time and energy for good.

It is work to live your life one day at a time.
It is work to stop sabotaging your own happiness.
It is work to do good for someone else everyday.
It is work choosing positive ways to live and play.

In all true work there is joy and fulfillment.
In all good work there is gratitude.
In all real work there is contribution and prosperity.
In all life work there is honor and completion.

Live life as thought everything matters….
Because it does!
Betty Lue

Some Helpful Reminders to Benefit You and Your Family:
Keep a daily vision, goal or intention in mind. 
Best to write it down and review.

Learn from everyone and everything.
An open mind benefits from all,)

Stay focused on the Good and where you are going.
Stop talking about what is wrong and no more drama.

Be true to your highest values and always Give your Best.
Be authentic and keep your agreements and promises.

Forgive mistakes in yourself and others and quickly choose again.
Do what works and Stop doing what doesn’t work!

Appreciate Your Life and Express Gratitude to others daily!
Gratitude encourages and increases Goodness in your life.

I appreciate you!
Life is a journey from which we learn to create what we really want.
Keep on loving and learning and letting go.
Life can be fun, safe and easy.
Betty Lue