Sunday, January 04, 2015

Do What Matters!

I live my life with intention.
I do what matters to me.
I give my best and trust it is always Good.
I am aware that what I do teaches my universe.

Full moon at 8:58PM
Take it easy on yourself and stay in Love!
What you do is an affirmation of you.
What you do is the statement you make to your world.
What you do is your truth demonstrated.
What you do is creating the world you live in.

What you do matters!
If you spend the day in bed, it matters.
If you take your time, it matters.
If you are grateful, it matters.
If you enjoy your life, it matters.

If you are negative or disrespectful, it matters.
What you think and say and do when alone matters.
There are no secrets in a world of connection or oneness.
Everything we think and say and do is broadcast.

We are responsible for what we experience because our thoughts, words and deeds matter.
When we take full responsibility for the totality of our lives, we see it all matters.
When we are willing to clean up our own lives and relationships, we see what a difference it makes.
When we live fully owning and honoring our own choices and voices, we know it all matters.

Every step you take, every move you make, the world is watching you.”
Everyone benefits from being responsible for their whole life.
Clean up the details in your life and notice how much better you feel.
Clear your mind by clearing the clutter in your home and work.
Turn up the lights and see what needs to be undone and organized, forgiven and released.

At the beginning of the year is a great time to clean out the old.
Clean your closets and storage…one room or drawer at a time.
Watch how much more space you have to bring in the Good.
Forgive your ignorance, forgetfulness or neglect and clean it all up.

New Year’s cleaning begins with eliminating the neglectful use of your time.
Use your time in meaningful life enhancing ways.
Clean out old disrespectful habits and choose better ways.
New Year’s is a great time to make yourself and your life new again.

Stop making excuses and justifying what is lacking or limited.
Stop using drama to blame, shame or name others as being responsible.
Stop playing the “poor me” game and do what you can do.
This is your time to take full responsibility for the life you have.

Your whole life matters.
You matter to me and to all those who see you and know you.
Your thoughts and words matter to you and to others.
Your activities are a model for those around you and in the world.

Choose well and you will be well!
Betty Lue

“Be not conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewal of your mind.”

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