Friday, January 02, 2015

A Gift of Purpose!

I live with purpose in everything I do.
Life is fun, safe and easy when I live with purpose.
I trust I am on purpose because I am happy.
I know peace and prosperity when I live and give with purpose.

Prosperity comes with purpose!
Purpose brings Happiness.
Purpose serves others well.
Purpose yields Success.

And so it is when you realize your purpose, you are focused.
When we are without purpose and direction, we tend to be confused.
Without purpose, life may feel meaningless and futile.
With no sense of direction, we may feel stagnant, stuck and sick.

With purpose we have a clear vision of how to live with intention.
With purpose we know our life has meaning.
With purpose we feel satisfied and content with ourselves.
With purpose there is clarity and peace.

To discover your purpose, look for what activities give you energy.
Observe when you feel satisfied at the end of a project or activity.
Feel the inner peace that comes when you have said or done something.
You will begin to notice a feeling of fulfillment when you are on purpose.

Life that serves others has purpose.
Life that opens the flow of inspiration has purpose.
Life that allows a deep spiritual connection has purpose.
Life that fulfills the sense of curiosity and wonder has purpose.

Purpose is not about a specific job or career path.
Purpose is not specific to a person or personality.
Purposeful living is about being and doing your calling.
Purposeful giving has a deeper meaning and expression of Self.

When on purpose, life works for us.
When on purpose, we are fulfilled.
When on purpose, we experience delight.
When on purpose, we know Success and true prosperity.

Remember those experiences throughout life.
Seek more of the same, no matter what the world says.
Life your life your way and appreciate your journey.
Give yourself what is Best for you and it will be best for others.

Living, Loving and Learning with purpose,
Betty Lue

Give the Gift of Purpose to yourself :
I highly recommend Robert’s Life Purpose Readings and/or his Soul’s Awakening Book.
This 60 minute personal CD gives you years of inspiration and guidance for your life purpose.

Life Purpose Readings

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•     Universal energies at work now, affecting you and everyone.
•     Your relationship to the world—physical, mental, emotional, creative.
•     How your 10 Spiritual Bodies serve you.
•     Past soul connections and current lifetime challenges with significant people in your life.
•     How to stay on purpose (or get back on when you're off).
•     Personal and interpersonal integration.
•     Balancing your life for highest Spiritual expression.
•     Coming to fully live your magnificence and actualize your potential..

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Info I need from you:
1.  Your full birth name (even if you have never used it in that form).
2.  Your birth date (month, day and year).
3.  The first name, birth date and relationship of anyone who is significant in your life and you would like to know any patterns of soul connection which are being called upon. (No more than 8 please.)

Using Symbology and Spiritual Numerology
"Truth For Insightful Transformation"
Robert M. Waldon, N.D., Ph.D., 1990

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• Your relationship to the world—physical, mental, emotional, creative.
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Dare to live your true purpose.
True prosperity comes from purposeful living and giving.

Betty Lue