Tuesday, January 27, 2015

What Have You Lost?

When I ask, I hear and know the answer.
What I seek, I am open and willing to find.
Where I go, I am guided.
How I know, I am listen and trust.

Have you lost your connection?
Have you lost your values?
Have you lost your Love?
Have you lost your mind?

Have you lost your way?
Have you lost your will?
Have you lost your Joy?
Have you lost your Truth?

When something is lost, seek and you will find it.
When you have forgotten you way and your will, seek and you will find.
When you have neglected to attend to the path you are on, it is time to see where you are.
When you have been distracted by drama, look for the way of peace.

When you have lost your will to go on, seek what it is that reminds you.
When you have lost your enjoyment of life, seek for what brings you joy.
When you have lost someone you love, seek for connection in memories and Spirit.
When  you have lost your Self, look inside and reclaim the true nature of your Love.

Nothing can be lost, when we remember.
Nothing real is lost in Truth.
Nothing missing matters more than your Peace.
Nothing is more important than your Love.

When some Thing is lost, ask for help.
When some Thing is missing, trust it can be found.
When some Thing is gone,  replace or reclaim it.
When some Thing seems absent, ask that it will be restored.

When we have lost our Authentic Self, we must allow our awakening.
When we have lost our will and our way, we must seek for a roadmap.
When we have lost our values and our Truth, we must listen for inner guidance.
When have lost our connection with Higher Mind, we must be still and return to the quiet.

Ask your Higher Self for what you want.
Believe your Self can find it.
Listen to Your Self for what to do.
Follow what you hear and know how to reclaim what is yours.

All answers lie within, when you are willing to know what is yours to seek and find.
All Good is given to you, when you are open to receiving all Good and only Good..
All direction is shown to you , when you seek to find your will and your way.
All life offers the opportunity to forgive being lost and choose to be found.

And so enjoy playing the game of “hide and seek”.

Betty Lue