Monday, January 26, 2015

What Can You Give?

Today I can give a little Love to someone.
Today I can share some compassion with someone.
Today I can take time to listen to someone.
Today I can share an encouraging word for someone.

What can you give when you have little to give?
What can you do when it feels nothing is true?
What can you share when you feel you don’t care?
How do you start again when you feel at your end?

Often I hear my fellowman talking, acting and living depressed.
I see in the world great need and sometimes greed.
How do you feed the hungry when you are hungry?
How do you take care of others when you are tired?

Every mother knows how it is to need to care for their children.
Even when tired and depleted, the mother gets up and does what is needed.
The minute you start complaining, you are lost in doubt, depression and fear.
For when you question your willingness, ability and intention, you are depleting yourself.

Every father knows what it is to provide for their family no matter what.
Even when sick and unemployed, the father gets up and does what is needed.
The moment you complain and blame, you sink into unconsciousness, lethargy and neglect.
For when you question your ability, willingness and desired outcome, you are lost in depression.

Everyone living alone knows what it is to take care of themselves.
Even when disabled, older and dependent on assistance, you do what you need to survive.
The moment you feel sorry for yourself, you fall into fear, depression and self doubt.
For when you question your ability, desire and willingness, you lose your energy and will.

What you can do it to stop doubt and depressing you?
What you can do it to share the best you have?
What you can do it to take good care of you?
What you can do it get up everyday and pray?

Ask yourself to have the strength to do what is yours to do.
Tell yourself you can give your smile, your thanks, your loving touch.
Give yourself the gratitude and reassurance you need to know.
Take time to listen inside and let go of fear and doubt..

Even during the depression, with little to feed 8 kids, there was always enough to share.
Even during stormy times of cold with no heat, there was wood, fireplace, blankets to share.
Even during sick with the flu, there was the ability to pray for taking care of the children.
Even when lost with inner dark days, there is always a way to help a neighbor in despair.

When you feel needy with not enough to give, reach out to someone who has little to live for.
When you are consumed with your own selfish needs, give to someone that needs even more than you.
When you are depressed with apathy and doubt, seek out a way to get out and contribute to another.
There is always a smile, a hug a reassuring word to share to show you care about another.

What you give, you receive in  the giving.
What you share, expands with your caring.
What you contribute, inspires others and you to.
So give what you have that all might live.

We are in this together.
We are the same.
Let us love one another.
Dare to care and share.

Loving you,
Betty Lue

Prayer for Goodness

Dear One,
I hold you in the light and love of Good.  
I pray that as you open yourself to divine blessings, you receive greater peace, health and prosperity.
I envision you healthy and whole, pursuing your goals and fulfilling your dreams.
I pray that at the start of your day, you are filled with confidence and energy, ready to experience a day of meaning and fulfillment.
I pray that tonight as you lay your head on your pillow, ready for sleep, you have peace about the day that is ending and expectation of Good for the new day to come.
And so it is. Amen