Sunday, January 25, 2015

Family and Community

I fill myself with love and appreciation, joy and gratitude daily.
I honor the gifts I have and share them freely with others.
I treat my neighbors, family and community as myself.
I give all to have all to fully give.

Healthy families create healthy communities: they work, play and trust one another.
Healthy people come together to help, enjoy and celebrate one another.
When we genuinely respect, trust, and serve one another, we create prosperity for all.
When we understand out own true nature and honor ourselves, we respect and honor others.

Often we go to our family to “GET” our needs met.
When we seek to get our needs met, we will often be disappointed.
When we have a depleted emotional bank account with others, they may resist giving to us.
Everyone needs to help  and give to everyone without guilt, blame or indebtedness.

The first step is to know and be true to ourselves.
We must take impeccable care of our own needs.
We must discover and understand what we need to be whole.
We must choose wisely our right attitude, values, environment and work.

When we love, trust, respect and appreciate ourselves, we can love, trust, respect and value others.
When we seek others to love, trust, respect and appreciate us, we may misunderstand their ability to give.
When we learn to rely on our inner resources, we understand our work comes first within us.
We must fill our own emotional bank account and serve our own needs to be able to serve others.

Life is for giving.
We are the gift.
When we take exquisite care of the gift of ourselves, we have something valuable to give.
When we have depreciated, denied, ignored or neglected our value, we have little or nothing to give.

So how it is we can, create true community and healthy families?
Seek and find our true worth.
Love ourselves well everyday.
Learn to listen and honor the voice within.
Take time alone to discover, write, play, create, learn and let go.
Be willing and patient in our own self understanding.
Discover the value of our Higher Self, the place where Love resides.
Practice tools that enhance and support our integrity.
Appreciate the process of recognizing and letting go of the blocks to Love of Self.
Share our selves with those who can easily receive the Good we share.
Forgive quickly all emotional reactivity to the lack of love.
Give generously to yourself and to others with joy and gratitude.
Think, speak and give only and always the highest Good.
Retreat as needed for renewal and contemplation.
Contribute talents and resources easily for the benefit of everyone.
Be grateful and praiseful for the Goodness and Blessings that already are.

Loving you in loving You and All you encounter in thought, word and deed.
Betty Lue

Keys to Unconditional Love
Always give your best.
Demonstrate your love (with positive words, affection, undivided time, gifts, service)
Listen and learn what is most respected and helpful.
Observe what is received with gratitude.
Step away when you are not your best and renew yourself.
Give only with gratitude and joy (no sacrifice or self denial)
Trust others are giving their best.
Always inspired the best in others.
Believe and see the Love within.
Trust each one is learning how best to love.
Free yourself and others to love unconditionally.
Forgive all mistakes or withholds.
Learn to love them anyway.