Monday, January 05, 2015

Focus on Living Your Values

I live and give my best everyday to everyone.
I follow the path of love with focus and intention.
I experience success as I stay focused and committed to live my values.
I trust and respect myself and the choices I make.
When you are scattered, you do not focus.
When you are without direction, you get lost.
When you are distracted, you lose your way.
When you are listening to others, you forget yourself.

Above all else, what is the focus of your life?
Beneath your focus, what is your intention?
Under your intention, what is your highest purpose?
Within your purpose, what is the calling of your heart?

You may get lost in their everyday concerns.
Usually people want to do what is expected or required.
You may serve the needs of society or of the laws of the land.
Do you ignore what you know is right because you are satisfying your own needs?

Where are your values and ethics?
Where do you put first things first?
When do you live with principles leading your choices?
How do you claim your natural inheritance of peace if living in conflict?

In this year 2015 it is time to put your mind on what matters to you.
In this year it is your opportunity to clear our the distractions, delay, disappointments and detours.
In this time it is important to simplify and clarify what really makes a difference,
Give this year your place to clear the clutter and cobwebs and focus on your own direction and purpose.

Step away from the TV and video games and sources of distraction and focus.
Sit down and write out your goals, priorities, values and direction.
Take time each morning in bed or shower to set your desired outcome for the day.
Stay focused on your goal with intention and commitment until achieved.

Be willing to forsake pleasures and short term gratification until you complete the tasks.
Homework first and then time to play.
Clean the house and then you can call your friends or read the book.
Be appreciative of your partner and kids each day in the morning and at night.

Notice how good it feels to keep your focus.
Be aware of how much follow through you need to have your goals accomplished.
Work at maintaining your integrity with all promises kept.
Give time to what really matters to you and you will make a difference in your own happiness.

What are your True Values?
Make sure they are within each decision you make.
Live your values in every relationship and your daily life.
Give your Self to being True to you and experience True Success.

Love only Love, 
Betty Lue

Why am I here?

What is my unique contribution?

What is my Primary Critical Success Factor? (The attribute/skill most contributing to success.)

What is my Primary Limiting Factor? (The attribute or skill that most holds me back.)

Values Clarification

____  Achievement
____  Beauty
____  Community
____  Control
____  Cooperation
____  Creativity
____  Education
____  Enjoyment
____  Environment
____  Excellence
____  Faith
____  Family
____  Fitness/Exercise
____  Freedom
____  Fulfillment
____  Happiness
____  Harmony
____  Health/Healing
____  Independence
____  Knowledge
____  Life Purpose
____  Loving
____  Marriage
____  Mastery
____  Money
____  Partnership
____  Pleasure
____  Recognition
____  Recreation
____  Security
____  Self-Image
____  Service
____  Spirituality
____  Travel
____  Truth/Honesty
____  Wealth

Virtue        = defining core values and not compromising on them.
Integrity    = how strongly and clearly you adhere to your values.
Zero-Based Thinking (evaluating the relative value of any object, activity, relationship):
“Knowing what I know now, would I begin / do / acquire this now?