Thursday, January 01, 2015

A New Year

I celebrate and appreciate the Good in my life.
The more we love, trust and appreciate The Good, the more Good we have.
We together can share the Good and benefit everyone.
Life works for all, when we share our best with everyone.

Happy New Year 2015
(Family Newsy Letter below)

Let us create all for Good and Good for All.
There is plenty of Good for everyone.
We are All Creators in our own lives.
Together we can fully share the Abundant Good that already Is.

We give everything we see all the meaning it has for us.
If you want to have a meaningless life, let life have no meaning for you.
If you want to have a meaningful life, give everyday the meaning that you prefer.
A day of learning, healing, growth, accomplishment and enjoyment.

Choose the year of 2015 to be what you want to be.
Give your best.
Learn from everything.
Keep your promises to yourself.

Your life is yours to be carefully sorted and arranged for the best you know.
Give your whole life special attention.
Your life belongs to you.
Your life is a gift for you to care for and share.

Take time to really look at the gift of your life.
Be open to learn everything you can from your life.
Be patient in seeing and receiving all the Good for you.
We willing to enjoy the whole of life and share it with others.

It is easy to prosper and enjoy life when you see it whole.
Where there seems to be lack, there are treasures.
Where there seems to be littleness, there is simplicity.
Where there seems to be limitation, there is letting go.

See the Good in You and in All You Do.
Where there is lack, give more Good.
Where there is littleness, appreciate the Good.
Where there is limitation, freely share the Good.

It is fun, safe and easy to Love You and Me and Everyone.
In Love there is nothing lacking, little or limited.
In Love we all prosper and benefit.
Love is all we need.

Love, Love, Loving You, 
Betty Lue
(Email or call if you have need. We are here with You.)

A little News from 2014!
Our Family
All grandkids are with us this for part of the Holiday. All are happy, healthy and fun to be with. 3x 9 yrs olds, 3x 8 yr olds, 1x 4 yrs, 1x 2 yrs.   our 16 yr old who is driving her own car, hostessing in a restaurant, straight A Student, happy and balanced in her life, lives in Texas and stays connected via text.
We are delighted to have grandkids join us each summer for three weeks (one week each month) for Grandparents’ Camp, for horseback, arts & crafts games, music, and swimming in our lake . They keep us awake and aware and teach us about the world they are creating.

Reunion Centers = Six
We continue to serve  & administer now four holistic counseling and healing centers plus a Unity Center (Church) and a new Family Center.
We serve in two counties about two hours apart. We travel to Contra Costa County (very early) Sunday morning, stay in a studio Sunday night and return to Lake County late Monday.
 1) Reunion Center in Pleasant Hill
 2) Holistic Center in Brentwood
 3) Positive Living Center in Hidden Valley Lake
(4) Reunion Resource Centera holistic counseling and healing center in Middletown, CA opened in June. 2014 and serves local communities plus students and their families. (Schools are within ½ block.)
 5) Reunion Family Center—all volunteer after school program, opened Oct 1, 2014 across the street from the Resource center and serves now almost 30 children and their families. Study Buddies after school program for homework support, research and tutoring also offers healthy snacks, games and crafts and outdoor play with large yard basketball court, when homework is done. A kids’ community garden is being planned for the Spring, We offer Saturday classes for families on parenting, communication, values, compassionate listening, money management and other life skills. This winter, we will be presenting high school programs for anger management, stopping bullying and intolerance. Great need for life skill building and creating other healthy activities in this county, plus after school programs for children and teens. More to come as the needs present themselves and more join our network of volunteers.
6) Unity Center for Inspired Living continues to serve the needs of those in East Contra Costa County looking for messages of New Thought and Practical Spirituality. Healing comes from within, when we listen for Inner guidance and following inspiration.  Using the tools of forgiveness (an “eraser filled with Love”) and gratitude, the highest path opens for each one to create a better way of life.

Reunion, the sponsoring non-profit, 501(c)3 guides all these centers and outreach programs, creating more opportunities to love, serve and remember Goodness in all that is. Robert and I administer all six Centers without employees. We encourage practitioners, clients and student to volunteer, participate and contribute in order to fund , maintain and expand the services.

Loving Reminders begin their 16th year of Betty Lue, emailing her daily morning inner guidance now received by thousands around the world.  Thanks to Robert doing editing and formatting, there are five Reminders books on, plus three books written by Robert. Still offering many classes and workshops each month, from the basic to the esoteric, all created and designed for the specific participants.
Robert  creates and updates our ten websites.  ReunionMinistries, LovingReminders, BettyLue, ReunionCenter, PositiveLivingCenter, ReunionMiddletown, ReunionFamilyCenter, LifePurposeReadings, InspiredLivingCenter,  HolisticCIL, ( they all have .org at the end) and more coming.  BettyWeber ( thanks!!) manages our Facebook pages for each of the centers and for me, since Robert and I, personally, don’t use Facebook. (We love facebook, but need to be focused on serving the people and the centers.)

Our life is filled with more opportunities and requests to love, serve and remember the Good.
This is our calling, so we are happy and fulfilled everyday. 

Loving all of you,
Betty Lue and Robert

Love always Love!
Dare to care about you!!
Then You can care for everyone, too.
Betty Lue