Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Honorable Closure for 2014

I receive  and give all Good and only good.
I gently release all that no longer serves the highest and best.
I appreciate the sum total of my life.
I am benefitted by all relationships, challenges  and accomplishments.
It is appropriate to end with honor.
It is healthy to finish with gratitude.
It is good to learn from challenges.
It is valuable to celebrate accomplishments.

Life is a cycle of choices changes and commitments.
When we are engaged with our lives, we fully appreciate it all.
When we are judging or neglecting life, we may dismiss or deny.
Taking the time to truly see and receive our lives, enriches us.

Consider what you have learned from this year.
Write down your top five areas of learning and growth.
Realize all you have learned and how you have grown.
Be willing to fully receive the benefit.

Consider the challenges of this year.
Where do you have more to do?
What have been your regrets?
Where is there still work to be done?

Consider the blessings and gifts of the year.
Where have the challenges become blessings?
What do you consider to be the best of 2014?
Where are you truly happy with what you have received?

Consider what you would like to remember and appreciate.
When you can fully experience gratitude for your life, you are prosperous.
When you totally value what you have created, you will be joyful.
When you appreciate the good, the good will naturally increase.

Love is Letting go of fear.
Love is letting go of judgment.
Love is letting go of regret.
Love is letting go of resentment.

Consider writing down leftover fears and judgments, regrets and resentments.
Offload what you no longer want to carry in your heart or your mind.
Release and relinquish all forms of negativity and attack.
With your blessings, dig a whole and burn it, releasing what no longer has value.
(Or tear up the paper and throw it in the garbage.)

Only you can know what remains valuable.
Choose to remember what is substantial and beneficial.
Choose to release and undo what is unnecessary and hurtful.
You can build a beautiful 2015 on the very best learning, blessings and appreciation.

Loving you now and always,
Betty Lue

From Robert for the year to come
2015—Justice and Balance

2014 was a year focused on Change—having a goal or direction then consciously moving ahead. 

2015 is a year focused on Justice and Balance. This is a year to bring your life back into balance, to simplify and create clarity, order and harmony. Use the energy of this year to focus on truth and authenticity and to utilize your ideas in practical ways. 
During this year, you will be faced with opportunities to become aware of any areas in your life where you are drawn off center and lose your focus. Rather than letting this awareness shut you down further, recognize that the gift of 2015 is the energy and support to change these patterns.
Remember that you cannot change an old pattern without first becoming aware of what it is and its impact on your life. Celebrate these awarenesses and use this energy to re-create your life and your world. Don’t allow yourself to be pulled too far from your own center with any project and don’t let self-doubt or doubts from others interfere with what you know is best. 

The key: Envision the blind folded “lady of justice” with her arms outstretched, holding a scale in each hand. Without experiencing personal centering and stability, no accurate balance or measure can be determined or maintained.
“I rest in balance.”
“I trust my inner sense of justice and impartiality. 
With truth and authenticity, I experience balance and harmony in my life.” 
“I am willing to be true to my Self in all my decisions.”

2015 is also a year focused on Strength—having the courage and self-assertion which can inspire those around you to express their own real thoughts and feelings. You can bring a great deal of power to any group cause and create a focus of attention on the activities at hand. You will have energy for whatever you do. This is a year to step forward to meet new challenges and get directly involved. 

The potential “pitfall” is provocation, asserting yourself at the expense of others, being authoritarian and controlling. You must be willing to stand up for a belief or cause and convince others by strength of conviction, not strength of force or control. Your true strength comes out in non-judgmental simplicity.
“I am gentle and strong.”
“My greatest strength is my compassion and non-judgmental forgiveness,
allowing what is truly right for all to freely make itself known.”

The primary support tools available in 2015 are:

•     The High Priestess—When you begin to doubt or live out of balance (either indolence or over-extension), you must come back to trusting yourself, becoming equally dynamic and receptive, objective, self-reliant and quick to see what works and what does not.
“I trust my Self.”
“I am my own unlimited resource for self-knowledge, wisdom
and the creation of my own perfect, balanced expression.”
“The knowledge that I seek is within myself awaiting my question.”

•     Organization—Be conscientious, ambitious yet realistic. Rely on intuition. Have clear goals and be willing to work hard to achieve them.
“I use all for its highest good.”
“My practicality and sense of organization empower excellent accomplishment in my world.”

•     Prana (the life energy in breath)—Representing purity and healing. It is strongly expressed in music and singing.
“In my love is all healed.”
“I am the breath of God, bringing life and wholeness to all with the purity of my loving energy.”

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